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If you’re looking for the perfect male dog names to fit your new pup, then we’re here to help!

This German Shepherd puppy wants what your eating

Sure, there are a lot of male dogs out there in the world, but none can compare to yours, so that’s why your final choice is such a personal one. And although the experts here on this site can make suggestions until Lassie comes home, the final choice is between you and your pup.

Although of course, we can’t make the final decision for you, we can do our doggone best to offer suggestions that will not only have you saying “Now that’s a good idea!” but also saying “Where did they come up with THAT one?” But that’s the fun of sites like ours, where we believe that variety is the spice of life.

Below you’ll find multiple male categories to choose from, simply click on the category of choice, pull your pooch up on your lap (unless he’s a Great Dane) and search away!

Our Categories Of Male Dog Names

Perfect For The Boy Pup That's...

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Lab puppy Romeo


Cuteness on four legs with a lot of fur, there’s few other words that can describe your pal any better than the word cute. Here’s some of the cutest ones out there in canineland.


Not many dogs have it, charm, good looks and a doggie panache all their own…It’s called “cool”. Does your pal have what it takes to qualify for one of the male dog names on this page?

Yorkie puppy strikes a cute pose


Unique canines like yours deserve a unique title to match. You thankfully won’t find anything typical like Fido, Rover or Spot on this page.


Your new pup is no doubt all the rage with your family, and deserves a popular and cute title that’s not only trendy, but reflects his popularity.

Shih Tzu puppy is curious

Top 10

Ever wonder what the Top 10 most frequently chosen names are for dogs? Yes, there are lists out there like this, visit this page to find out...

Your Boy Puppy

Some pups are acquired when their full grown, some when they’re puppies, these are just for the little ones. Is there anyone who doesn’t love puppies? Here's some creative choices...

Beautiful puppy taking a nap

By Size

If you own a large breed or a small one, why not celebrate their size with a title that matches? These sizeable names will draw even more attention to your pal when he walks in the room.

By Color

We’ll bet your pooch gets a lot of attention due to his color. So why not give him a male dog name that draws even more admiration, as well as one that shows you appreciate his coloration as well?

Our A-Z Lists

These A-Z suggestions are for those owners who might be looking for a name that starts with a certain letter. There’s plenty of unique ones available on each page, simply click on the letter of your choice.


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