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This dog names by size page offers name ideas that reflect a dogs size.

Big and small dogs

Many new owners will choose a name that reflects their pups coloration, like Snowy or Ghost for a white colored dog, Rusty, or Java for a brown colored pup, or even Sandy or Old Yeller for a blonde colored pooch.

But let’s not forget that there’s another dimension by which one can name their four legged pal, and that is by their literal dimensions.

What you’ll find below are name categories for large and small pups and the ideas we felt best reflected that. Some of our ideas on the following pages are sure to leave you and your pal scratching your heads either in wonderment as to why you hadn’t thought of a certain name earlier, or in wonderment as to where on Earth we came up with them in the first place.

Our Dog Names By Size Categories
Perfect For Pups That Are...

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Pomeranian puppy cuteness

Small Sized

Small dogs are some of the most popular breeds out there. Not only because of their cuteness, but because so many owners wanted a dog that they could keep in smaller dwellings, like an apartment. Here are some choices that salute the small breeds of the world.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever beauty

Big Sized

If you own a larger breed, why not give it a title that reflects it’s big size? We can’t think of too many Huskies that would appreciate being called Peanut, or German Shepherds that would like to hear it’s owner call out “Heeere Tinkerbell!” That’s why we built this page offering BIG sounding choices.

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Yorkie puppy waiting for a treat

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