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When looking for suitable girl puppy names, no doubt you’ve got a few in mind already, but are open to other choices so you’ve come to a site like ours.

Golden Retriever puppy brother and sisters

We know full well that your dog deserves the best start in life, with one of the first things to help her on her way being a title that fits her like a glove.

We also feel that only yourself and your family and your dog can choose the perfect one, which is why we offer below not only lists of puppy names for girls, but also some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Naming Tip: As you and your friends/family go over the ideas offered on this site, write down all the ones that each of you like the most. Then compare notes with the others and come up with a list of your top five. Then try them out on your pooch to see which ones she likes the best. After all...she should have a vote in all this since she's the one who is going to have to answer to it for the rest of her life.

So without further delay here are our girl puppy names suggestions and lists…Arf!

Our Girl Puppy Names Lists For...

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Kissing puppy cousins

Cute Females...

We’ve always felt that dogs that were cute deserved their own page dedicated to them. If you think about it, aren’t all the little ones cute? Especially yours? These are dedicated just to her...

Dachshund puppy with big beautiful eyes

Cool Females...
If your gal is so cool that she has all the boys in tow, and holds the leash to their hearts, then she qualifies for one of the groovy picks on this page. These were hand chosen for their coolness and originality.

Boxer puppy wanting to play

Unique Females...

Here’s some rather interesting ideas for the dog that’s one of a kind. If you’re tired of hearing the same ones being called out at the dog park or beach, then these are exactly what you're looking for.

Beautiful white Maltese

Female Puppies...
There are those owners out there that are very selective when choosing a name so they want a BIG selection to choose from. If this sounds like you, then here’s a whole new page of totally different ideas.

Our A-Z Lists

Speaking of BIG selection, these alphabetical pages will whisk you and your pooch off to dog naming heaven. Click on a letter below to begin.


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