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Can you ever have too many male puppy names to choose from when shopping for the perfect name?…Nope!

By now you might be experiencing puppy name overload, and may even be suffering from “name brain freeze” which a common malady experienced when one is subjected to too many to pick from at once.

If this sounds like what your experiencing, then coming up with the perfect puppy names for males can be made easier when you match the name up with…

His Size
For a small dog, how about Peanut, or Putt-Putt, you can even use these names as a humorous name twist for a large dog.

His Breed
Muscles might be a good choice for a Pit Bull, or Tabasco for a Chihuahua. How about Moose for a larger hairy breed, or Crouton for a male Pomeranian?

His Coloration

How about Coco for a brown pooch, Patches for a multicolored one, Twilight for a darker pup, or Sunny if he’s a blonde?

His Personality

Fiesta might make a good male choice for the dog that‘s the life of the party, Pokey if he’s a more laid back. How about Espresso for the dog that’s high strung?

As you can see, a little creativity can go a long way when coming up with a male pick that is not only unique, but memorable. For even more to choose from here's...

Our Male Puppy Name Lists For...

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Long hair Dachshund rockin out

Cool Ideas...

Is your male the Steve McQueen or Brad Pitt of the canine world? We felt that dogs exhibiting this type of cool deserved their own male puppy names page. 

Big eyed Chihuahua puppy

Unique Ideas...
No bones about it, we think you’ll agree that the male choices on this page are unique and one of a kind. Perfect for the owner that’s tired of the same moniker heard on all other dogs.

Labrador Retriever Romeo

Cute Ideas...
An excellent page to go name shopping for the pooch that drips with endearing charm and looks. If your boy ranks high on the awwww scale, why not highlight it's sweet appeal with one of these choices?

Dreaming dog

Unusual Ideas...
Out of the ordinary these are, and perfect for the pooch that isn’t conventional in behavior or looks. Find interesting choices for the pup (or owner) that’s a rebel on the outside, but a softie on the inside.

Sweet dreams puppy

Boy Puppy Names...
Can too many names to choose from be a bad thing? We think not, that’s why we offer this link to pages that reveal hundreds of other choices and creative categories to choose from.

Our A-Z Lists

This alphabetical list is for those who just want some A-Z ideas, as well as some helpful suggestions. Click on any letter below to start…


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