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Looking for some S-T male puppy names? Our list of male dog names will help you out. When choosing your pet’s name it should be done in the same manner in which parents do when they are looking over all the possibilities of what to call their child. Plus naming your puppy is more interesting, since you can add a bit of humor and flavor to it's title without it getting too silly. So, go ahead and check out all of our cute S-T male puppy names as well as the suggestions and meanings behind them. Remember, there is a lot more to dogs than their looks and giving your pup an interesting moniker will be the icing on the cake.

Our S-T Male Puppy Names
Suggestions and Lists...

Saber: Faithful and with a great capacity for affection, this male makes a generous friend. This male pooch makes friends with anyone outside his family and can really cut to the chase.

Sailor: The most disciplined, devoted, and well-trained puppy the world has ever known. This male loves to go sailing with you. He drinks gasoline, spits bullets and will swim across the ocean with a knife in his teeth just because someone threatened you.

West Highland Terrier naptime

Salaam: A salutation meaning “peace,” this pet will tolerate no discord in his household. Steadfast, prudent, just, and firm, he is unshaken in the face of difficulties.

Sargent: Extremely intelligent, and intellectual, this French name is normally associated with a law enforcement agent. An excellent choice for any guard dog.

Shadow: I'll follow you around, anywhere and everywhere. This mysterious canine is neither god nor human. He has gained all his powers by exploiting the holes in the backyard.

Shaft: Can you dig it? This is the male pooch that would risk his neck for his brother dog and family. He won't cop out when there's danger all about.

Shakespeare: For the hound that got thrown into a blender with a bunch of lace doilies. This canine is more talented than those other pups, and his imagination knows no limits.

Samson Scoundrel Sinatra
Sand Rat Scout Sinbad
Sandman Scrappy Sinclair
Santa Scrooge Sky
Santo Scruffy Skyrocket
Savoy Sergie Skywalker
Scamper Seymour Slate
Scampi Shane Slick
Schnapps Sharp Slugger
Schooner Sherlock Sly
Schweppes Sherwood Smasher
Scoobie Doo Shooter Smokey
Scooter Shorty Smoocher
Scorpio Shredder Snowball

Our T-Male Puppy Name Lists...

Tab: German in origin, this name means "a radiant and brilliant person". This confident dog exudes beauty and loves all of life's pleasure, comfort and luxury. He finds it hard to resist temptation, so he doesn’t even try.

Tabasco: A good title for the poochie that can be either mild or red hot. Red, mysterious and somewhat funny this pooch got the nickname because he adds spice to life.

Pit Bull puppy wants to romp

Tex: A good idea for a puppy that’s as big as Texas, or one that has a heart that’s as big as this state.

T-Bone: Normally, this is given to a big breed that is extremely cool and suave. A good possibility for a pooch that loves chewing on bones, or one that loves a good steak. Pass the A-1 sauce please!

Tiger: A cute name for a male that is sometimes ferocious. A humorous idea for a small breed, or for the puppy that’s more bark than bite.

Titus: The Greek for "Of the giants", Titus is a very strong title. This was also borne by one of Rome's first century emperor. A good choice for any large-breed of dog, or one that rules the roost.

Taro Thatcher Tornado
Tarzan Thor Trailblazer
Tatter Tot Thistle Tramp
Tattoo Thud Tricky
Taurus Thumper Trojan
Tease Thunder Troll
Terror Tigger Trouble
Terry Titus Trout
Thatcher Toad Truman
Theo Toby Trump
Theodore Tom Tsar
Thief Tomahawk Tucker
Thing Tommy Tycoon
Thomas Topper Typhoon

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