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Any G-H male puppy names you choose will say as much about you as it does your puppy. And if you are looking for a few ideas, just search our list below to find the right one. All of the suggestions featured in our list will show how you view your dog as well as your relationship with him. We know that some puppy names may cause people to judge your dog in a negative way. That is why our G-H male puppy name lists will help you to find a unique one that will make everyone react positively when meeting your pal. So get creative and find the title that conveys the proper image for your pup and demonstrate just how creative and insightful you really are, your pooch will love you for it!

Our G-H Male Puppy Names
Suggestions and Lists...

Gage: The French for 'a pledge', 'Gage is a wonderful choice for your usually quiet and mischievous pup. He is incredibly sweet, sensitive, easy to confide in and trustworthy. This puppy shows a lot of promise.

Galen or Gale:
Choose this Irish name for the dog that is little and full of life. This boy is very special and has a great sense of humor. A great choice for any small breed of dog that tends to think highly of himself, which is understandable.

Cocker Spaniel puppy taking a snooze

Gecko: Gecko is a unique title for a pooch that is known to hunt an insect or two. A cool title for the dog that is always trying to escape or bail out of a tough situation.

Gizmo: The name of the original and coolest gremlin. This boy is cuddly and is the cutest thing ever until you make him angry by telling him the dreaded word "No", then he'll just transform into a little trouble maker.

Gladiator: Select this for your puppy if he accepts all challenges regardless of size or breed. This boy is a prized fighter that has no shame and finds his task glorious. He'll go paw to paw with any creature. A humorous choice for a small breed.

Goblin: A cool name for your sometimes scary pal. This boy is cunning, and although he is not often very wise, he is highly intelligent. He is the boss, so he doesn't do the dirty work because he'll get his goons to do it.

Goofy: This just seems like a good name for a playful pup or dog. With his long floppy ears, wet kisses, this boy is really cute and gullible. It's a great title for any silly dog!!

Gabby Gazelle Greco
Galahad Georgie Gretzky
Galaxy Geppetto Griswold
Galileo Germanicus Grouch
Gallagher Gilbert Grovie
Gandhi Giles Grrrrr
Gangster Gilligan Grumpy
Gargoyle Godfrey Guido
Garnett Godzilla Gumby
Garth Goliath Guru
Gaston Gorman Gus
Gator Gotham Gunther
Gaucho Grady Guy
Gaylord Granger Gypsy

Our H-Male Puppy Name Lists...

Hartman: The name of the funny gunnery sergeant from the movie "Full Metal Jacket", Hartman is a German name that means "Strong as a deer". A unique title for a "hard, strong dog" like a German Shepherd or a Pit Bull.

Harvey: Meaning "The warrior of the army" in German, Harvey is a fine title for a gorgeous boy. This puppy is loved by all and has lots of friends. The perfect idea for a boisterous strong and independent fellow.

Dachshund enjoying the fall time

Haven: A great name for your big bright eyed canine that has the perfect color coat not to mention his gorgeous and cute body. He has a smile that will brighten anybody's day, although he can be impertinent, he's very well mannered and very polite. A good identifier for your guard dog.

Havoc: An interesting choice for an awesome gamer and leader dog. This boy is an endearing guy that suited you well to adopt, but he is the destruction to your furniture.

Heinrich: Meaning "house ruler", this is a cool name for a German breed. This male demands the royal treatment. He has an excellent way of viewing people.

Hercules: This will always try to be funny but actually makes a fool out of himself. This pooch is always happy and making others smile. "I'll astonish you with my deeds and canine strength."

Hacker Hampton Hatfield
Hackett Hancock Hauser
Haden Hank Heathcliff
Hades Hanley Hefner
Hairball Handsome Hendrix
Hairy Handy Humphrey
Haitian Hannibal Hunter
Halo Happy Hurricane
Halsey Harborboy Hasselhoff
Halston Harden Harman
Haman Harding Hamlet
Hambone Hardwick Hamilton
Hamburger Harley

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