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Choosing C-D male puppy names for your pal can be a daunting task, so we have just made it a lot easier for you to find some great ideas for your pet. Not only have we provided you with a list of great choices, but it is also much more fun for you to choose the perfect one for your new male puppy! So please take the time to choose an original and creative C-D male puppy name to represent your dog’s attitude, size or even coloration.

Our C-D Male Puppy Names
Suggestions and Lists...

Captain: Meaning "One who commands or leads others" this pooch will command everyone like he is a running ship, aircraft, police or fire station. A good choice for the male puppy that likes to run things and keeps a tight ship.

Beagle watching whats going on

Carlisle: The name of a city in Northern England, the name Carlisle means "fort at Luguvalium" and it would suit a light and bright dog well. This boy will get you in a slight amount of trouble, especially in front of his friends.

Don Carlos: A fitting title for one of the sweetest most handsome dogs you will ever meet. He's the type of pooch that once you fall for him......you can’t get away from him no matter what. Any owner would be lucky to have this dog.

Charmer: A cute choice for the enchanter who has cast his spells and captured your heart. This male is a really suave guy that knows how to talk to and meet new friends.

Chicory: The name of the herbaceous plant with the blue, lavender, or occasionally white flowers, this name would make a unique one for small dog. This puppy will have a crisp bark with a somewhat bitter taste, especially when he is mad.

Claudius: This was the family name of several Roman emperors from the 1st century. This dude is cool and chilled and loves to keep it real. We can see this fitting a large breed.

Caesar Chaplin Conan
Cactus Charade Corporal
Cadillac Charcoal Crusoe
Cairo Charley Crunch
Caldwell Chauncey Crusader
Callahan Chavez Cuddles
Capone Checkers Cuervo
Casper Chumly Cupid
Cassius Chunk Curly
Cassidy Clyde Custard
Chad Colonel Cyclone
Champ Comet Cyclops
Chaos Comrade Cyber

Our D-Male Puppy Name Lists...

Dawson: A form of the medieval surname, this choice would be good for your knight of a pal. This is the one that will break your fall when you've had too much to drink on St. Patrick's Day.

Digger: This is well suited for a very playful or disobedient puppy. He will always seem to have a mind of his own.

Boxer having a lazy day

Dino: This name would be perfect for a dog that is famous for his strength, like your bulldog. This title is also among the most popular ones for big male dogs. Although the original Dinos didn't bark, your boy will be the top dog on the playground.

Doozer: This just seems to belong to a big playful and energetic pooch. This male not only lives but aspires to live the main stream life.

Duvall: Duvall is one of the coolest titles for the cutest black dog ever. Funny and lively as hell, this fellow is a little shy. When your friends get to know him they will most likely want to keep him!

Dynamite: An explosive title for a cute reddish colored canine. Not only will your dog be Okay with this, but he'll not be able to get enough of this because he is the bomb.

Dabney Dapper Denton
Dabble Darby Denver
Dagan Darryl Devlin
Dagmar Darter Donahue
Dagon Darwin Donatello
Dallas Davis Doodle
Damascus Davy Doofus
Damian Deacon Dragon
Damon Delaware Drake
Danny Boy Delbert Duncan
Dante Denny Durango

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