E-F Male Puppy Names
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Here is our list of E-F male puppy names for your pal. Our list consists of a great selection of names for your male pet that is specific just for the letters E and F. This list will give you some 50 different names for you to consider for your little guy. Most of them, hopefully, you will find very interesting and worthy to call your buddy.

Our E-F Male Puppy Names
Suggestions and Lists...

Edmund: Meaning "Happy defender" this male is known for going to the extreme, always overdoing it and never thinking before disclosing personal secrets. He is the king of awesomeness, but beware of his temper, as he will show you who is the boss.

Earvin: This Gaelic name is ideal for a water loving dog as the name Earvin means "green or fresh water". He is an interesting puppy, although his main conversations always die out.

French Bulldog puppy taking a siesta

Edbert: A combination of the names Edward and Robert this makes a fine choice for your male dog. This boy will be as brave and strong as a boar. This pooch has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.

Edge: Edge is a cute for a pup that lacks respect for authority. This pooch has the sharpest senses of any dog on the block. A cool choice for a canine rebel.

Egmont: Egmont is a good choice for your "fearsome protector". This male is early when you are late and late when you are early. A good for the pooch that is fed up with strange people.

Elvis: Who doesn’t love this famous singer? Perfect for the puppy that enjoys singing when given the chance, and who loves wearing sequenced jumpsuits.

Eagan Edsel Ember
Eagle Edgar Emerson
Earl Edison Emilio
Easton Egypt Emmanuel
Eaton Eiffel Escort
Ebenezer Eightball Estevan
Echo Einstein Eskimo
Eclair Ellington Eugene
Eclipse Elliot Excalibur
Edelweiss Ellis Excess
Ecstasy Elmer Express
Eddie Elroy Expresso

Our F-Male Puppy Name Lists...

Fable: This is a fun title for the puppy that enjoys a good story as much as the next dog. Fable will always have a story to tell when he reaches home after his curfew.

Fargo: If you are a lover of the Midwest, then why not call your dog Fargo. This boy will want a nice place to live with an awesome night life. A unique choice for the dog that prefers the far-off or isolated places.

Chihuahua mama and her puppies

Finley: Give this Irish to your fair-haired soldier dog. A sweet natured pooch would love this. Finley is very loyal to friends and would do nothing to hurt anyone.....except maybe your cat if it gets out of line.

Fortune: A cool identifier for the canine that wants a lot of energy in his name. He is full of life and this choice is not very common so if you are looking for an uncommon title this would be a right choice! Aren't you lucky that he's your puppy?

Fox: A term normally used to describe someone that is considered to very attractive. This would be a great choice for your fun little dog with a pointed muzzle and a fuzzy tail. This boy pooch is beautiful in a cunning sort of way.

Frosty: A wonderful idea for the dog that is always ready and on the edge. He loves to hang around the refrigerator and sled in the snow on his belly. A good name for the puppy with a white coat.

Fabian Fats Ferdinand
Fabulous Fauntleroy Firebug
Falcon Fearless Firecracker
Falkner Featherweight Firestorm
Fandango Federico Firewater
Fang Feldman Fireworks
Fanagle Felix Flirt
Farkas Fellow Francis
Farley Fendi Frankie
Farrow Fenimore Ford
Farrell Fenton Foreman
Farmer Fenway Forest

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