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You no doubt came to this unusual puppy names page because you recognized just how uncommon your pooch really is. Sure, you could have come up with a title that every dog at the kennel, groomer or dog park has, but you knew your one of a kind pal deserved better!

Beautiful Australian Shepherd

We here at our tiny world headquarters have heard too many common Max’s, Buddy’s and Daisy’s out there in the canine world and figured you might have too, so we’ve come up with a page of ideas to salute the owners and dogs out there who have enough rebel in them to want to call their pooch something that’s different.

No, we can’t guarantee that you and your pup will like all the suggestions we offer, and no doubt some of the ideas on the following pages will leave both of you scratching your heads wondering where on Earth did we come up with these unique ideas in the first place. But keep in mind, this is an “unusual” puppy names page and giving your pal one of our suggestions will surely cause him or her to stand out from the pack.

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Beagle looking for trouble


These are the perfect fit for the male canine that’s different from the rest. If your guy has a certain sense of doggie panache, and carries himself well enough to be considered a one of a kind pooch, then why not give him a one of a kind title? He'll love it!

Bulldog beauty queen


Sometimes visitors come to pages like this out of curiosity, while others visit because they’re tired of ordinary sounding names and are open to anything that’s different. If this sounds like you, and you have a boy pal, then be sure to check out this page…

Cocker Spaniel puppy


When you first laid eyes on her at the shelter, breeder or elsewhere, you no doubt felt the twinge of connectiveness as well as a good degree of the “awwwww” factor. She stood out enough from the rest of the pooches where you just had to have her! So why not give her a stand out moniker to match?

German Shepherd watching you watching her


The word “unusual” refers to things that are rare, uncommon, and out of the ordinary. If your girl has some of these traits, whether it be a certain behavior, characteristic, or even an unique bark that makes it different from the rest, then consider one of our suggestions from this list...

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Bugg eyed Chihuahua cutie

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