Unusual Girl Puppy Names
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Choosing from so many unusual girl puppy names while surfing the sea of choices can be quite the endeavor as there are so many different puppy names out there that can fit a dog of any color and size. But relax because we have your back. The choices for your new pup are endless, and you can let your imagination help you along the way. However, to be on the safe side below is a list of some of the best unusual female puppy name choices to start your search with.

Husky puppy catching a little sleep

So, just scroll down the page to view some of our most interesting, creative, and great picks. And remember that once you find the perfect unusual name, to put your favorite choice on a collar for your little friend.

Our Unusual Girl Puppy Names
Your Pooch Will Love These

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Calliope: The eldest and wisest of the Nine Muses of Greek mythology, Calliope is suitable for your eldest and wisest girl pooch. The dog with the most "beautiful bark" will love this title. 
*Somewhat similar ideas: Penelope, Calli

Camry: Derived from the Japanese word "Kan-muri" this unusual girl name means “little crown." Camry is a cute for the little girl that is "beyond anything you can compare." 
*Somewhat similar ideas: Avalon, Acura

Lonely Retriever puppy watching you

Honey Bear: Honey Bear is a sweet title to call your little girl puppy because it's different, uncommon and very sweet. You can choose this unusual nickname for a beautiful honey gold girl that is just above everything to you. 
*Even more choices: Honey Pie, Honeysuckle, Yogi

Mango: Choose this for your large yellowish-red colored dog that has a coat color similar to the fruit. A fabulous pick for a very sweet natured dog.

Nemesis: According to Greek Mythology this was the name of the goddess of retribution, which makes this suitable for a pooch that tries to maintain balance around the house. An unusual choice for the small breed that strikes fear into all that see Nemesis come around the corner.

Neon: This cute bright title is suitable for a youthful girl dog. This little pal is friendly and helpful to everyone she meets. A lovely girl to have around the home.

Amberly Corona Honey Dew
Ashleigh Cream-Puff Hope
Asia Cricket Kelsey
Ava Crush Kelso
Avril Custard Kia
Blondie Cutie Kickapoo
Chiquita Flowerchild Kimble
Cognac Godzilla Lisa

Orchid: Choose this unusual moniker for your beautiful and delicate gal pal. This prized beauty was the perfect gift, and she has the ability to draw attention where ever she goes.  
*Somewhat similar ideas: Petunia, Flower, Daisy

Orela: Meaning a divine announcement from the gods, Orela is a cute name for a golden pooch. This girl puppy is shy when she first meets someone, but once she is comfortable and trusts them, she usually shows her crazy self.

German Shepherd with her puppy

Prada: Meaning light and glow, this is perfect for a dog with expensive tastes. This little puppy will love to be carried around in your expensive leather handbags, unless it’s a larger breed of course. Also a cute name for a little breed dog.

Prissy: A cute and unusual girl puppy name for a chic diva dog that is a spoiled little pup. A prim and proper dainty little girl dog would love this. 
*Other great choices: Diva, Paris, Zsa Zsa, Queen

Promise: This unusual nickname is perfect for the little girl puppy that assures you in whatever you are doing. This little lady is better than having your best friend around. A cool pick for a smart and witty pooch that is of exquisite natural beauty.

Sheeva: Meaning charming, this unusual moniker is perfect for a puppy with thick beautiful black hair. This puppy makes life full of fun with lots of laughter when you are with her. 
*Somewhat similar ideas: Charm, Lucky

Lizzy Rogue Sarah Beth
Lola Rosebud Taz
Lonesome Rose Mary Tanner
Loo Loo Royce Willow
Lover Lips Roxie Winslow
Luvpuppy Rue Woodstock
Madison Sadie Mae Yurna
Mavis Saffron Zircon
Popcorn Sara Ziva

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