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Special Names For A Dog Like Yours

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This female puppy names page is dedicated to those canines in the doggie kingdom that are loveable, huggable, kissable and doggone special…just like yours!

When comparing various names for female puppies, it’s helpful to consider some of the characteristics that made your pal special to you in the first place, and to give her a title that reflects those attributes. These characteristics can be…

Cute Bernese Mountain dog puppy enjoying a Spring day

Her Personality...
Does your female have an upbeat and friendly personality? Then how about Happy, or Sunshine for an idea? Maybe she refuses to leave your side…then maybe Shadow, or Pal would be a better fit?

Her Coloration...

Is she brown colored? Then how about Java, or Sienna? An interesting choice might also be Root Beer for the brown girl with a bubbly personality. How about Sable for a black dog, or Honey for a blonde?

Her Breed...

How about Feisty for a Pomeranian? Majestic might be a good choice for a large breed or for any female that carries herself well. How about Flash for a fast breed, or Fetch for a Retriever, or Spot for a Dalmatian?

Her Size...

For the small dog consider a small sounding title, like Bambi, Honeybee or Nibbles. For the large dog, consider Boomer or Jumbo. For a humorous twist, try Peanut for a large pooch or Moose for a small one. As you can see, there’s almost too many angles from which one can call their pooch, and for even more ideas…

Our Female Puppy Names Lists
Ideas That Are...

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Lonely Bulldog puppy looking sad


Who wants a boring title for their dog? Do you? We’re willing to bet a bag of Kibbles that your pooch wants a name that’s different enough to be considered popular, like these here...


If irresistible is one of the first words that comes to mind when thoughts of your dog pops into it, then have we got some great ideas that rank an 11 on the Cuteness Scale of 1-10.

Puppies taking a cute nap as a family


Is your pal a tease? Maybe she knows how to tilt her head a certain way to get your attention, or do something to get you to take her for a walk. Then your dog deserves a unique female puppy name.


In the 1960’s the term “cool” was more widely used, not to mention “groovy” and “hip”. Yet as old as these terms are, they can still be used to describe a female pooch with a style all her own.

Husky puppy that loves nature


The ideas here are good for owners who are looking for out of the ordinary choices, or for doggy monikers to fit a pooch that they sometimes swear is from another planet.

Girl Puppy Names

The more naming ideas the better, right? A simple click on this link will whisk you away to hundreds of new and interesting ideas and categories. You’ll swear you’ve located dog name nirvana.

Our A-Z Lists

Looking for simple, alphabetical lists? Or maybe everyone’s name in your family begins with the letter A, and you want your poochies title to start with A as well? If so, then click on any letter below to start your search.


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