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Having a few good G-H female puppy names to choose from for your new dog will add to the joy and love of having a pet. If your pooch is from a working breed, be it a search and rescue dog, a police K9 or a dog for the blind, make sure the meaning of the name that you give to her draws the picture that you would like others see, when they hear it. So enjoy searching through our site for the best in G-H female puppy names with a little good dog humor.

Our G-H Female Puppy Names
Suggestions and Lists...

Giselle: A female that is super cool but often misjudged. This beautiful pup has a lot of intentions and is often considered unapproachable, although she is often easy to talk to. She is the Supermodel dogs of all dogs, yet is no Diva.

Gratis: The Latin for free, this name is perfect for the pooch that is no-charge. She often expresses her honest opinion openly. This pooch loves the country life but is unlikely to make a good farmer. A good idea for an adopted puppy.

Dachshund family portrait

Gremlin: A cute name for your mythical little creature puppy. This little female's dark side may come out during drinking sessions. I'm soft, cuddly and cute - until you feed me after midnight!

Gucci: A very expensive name for the puppy that likes very high quality clothes, shoes and accessories. This pooch is the definition of luxury. This puppy thinks she is better than everybody else.

Gumdrop: Choose this cute name for your sweet female pooch. This pooch is a natural lover of elegance, charm and good taste. A cool choice for your shy puppy that occasionally shows a feisty side.

Gytha: The girl name Gytha comes from the English word which means, "Gift." This name would be perfect for the female pooch that is very gentle, and is a lover of beauty and harmony.

Gabbie Georgia Givenchy
Gabor Georgie Gladys
Gabrielle Geraldine Glamour
Gabs Gertie Gloria
Gala Gertrude Goldie
Galaxy Giggles Goldilocks
Gale Gigi Goomba
Galina Gilligan Goose
Geisha Gina Gorgeous
Gem Ginger Governess
Gemini Gingersnap Grace
Genevieve Giovana Greta
Genie Gipsy Gretchen
Genoa Giselle Gypsy
Georgette Gismo Gidget

Our H-Female Puppy Name Lists…

Halifax: The capital of Nova Scotia and the most Beautiful City in Eastern Canada, this moniker is ideal for your big beautiful pal. This pooch will enjoy the slow life and have lots of friendly people who will open doors for her.

Halley: The name of the nicest female pup in the room. Each of your friends will be drawn to your pal because of her beauty and her radiance. A cute title for the most amazing and selfless puppy you know.

Bulldog rebels

Halloween: Choose this identifier for the black female that loves to dress up in costumes. This girl loves to go door to door while wearing costumes begging for candies and other goodies. A good name for an old stray, or even a newer model.

Honorea: The Latin for honorable, this choice is ideal for a faithful, sincere, and fair puppy. You can trust this pup at point blank with little or no doubt. This pooch lacks deceit.

Honshu: Short and sweet for a small female with a lot of power. This girl is steadfast and loyal. A good name for your Akita puppy.

Hope: Choose this name for the pup that is your greatest weakness and greatest strength. A very beautiful name for your outgoing pal. Feeling down doesn’t' stand a chance with this female around.

Haddie Hazel Hershey
Hailey Hazer Hesperia
Haley Healer Highness
Half-Pint Heartbreaker Hilarious
Hannah Helena Hilary
Happy Helga Hilda
Hard Rock Henrietta Honey
Harley Hefty Honey Bear
Harlot Heidi Honeybee
Harmony Heidi-May Hooter
Haskell Heiress Hootie
Havana Helena Hope
Haven Hemlock Hopper
Hayley Henna Hoppy
Haywire Henrietta Heather

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