Unique Puppy Names
Perfect For Your One Of A Kind Pooch 

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Whether certain unique puppy names are just the right fit for your dog or not can be a totally subjective from the human perspective, and dogjective from your pups point of view.

This Golden Retriever puppy has hugs and kisses for you!

That’s why on this site we always encourage new owners to come up with a list of say 10 of the ones they like best, then run those by family members for a vote to rank which of these everyone likes best. Then, to see which ones your puppy responds to the most, before making the final choice.

When searching for the perfect one it's helpful to take into account your pals color, personality and even size.

You’d be surprised how your puppy will react favorably to some, while yawning at others. Plus, considering that over the course of your friends lifetime, his or her name will be called, yelled and cooed over 30,000 times, so we think your dogs opinion of what he or she might be called, should be taken into account too.

In order to make your quest for the perfect choice easier, here are our gender specific lists…

Our Unique Puppy Names Lists
That Are Perfect For...

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Sweet Bulldog puppy kisses

Special Males

This list for your male dog were hand picked for their clever originality. Since we’re sure you’ll agree that your boy is special, here are some ideas that will match.

Newborn puppies taking a nap

One Of A Kind Boys

Finding puppy names that stand out shouldn’t be as difficult as designing a circuit board or planning a manned moon mission. This part of ownership should be fun and easy. Here's help...

This Beagle has done too much partying

Special Females

Dedicated to the ladies, these one of a kind ideas will not only make choosing the perfect name easier, but will also have your puppy running in circles with excitement that you gave her a title she could be proud of.

Boxer puppy looking for a playmate

One Of A Kind Girls

She’s love on four legs with a lot more fur. Always ready for hugs and kisses not to mention walks, playtime and all the other things that come with your special girl pup. 

Even More Unique Names

This link will whisk you off to a whole new page of all different types of fun and interesting choices. Since you can never have too many to choose from, we offer just that…many more to choose from!

For More Ideas Rover Over Here For...

Boxer on a road trip

Cool Ideas: For the pooch that's too cool for less

Breed Specific: Choices that match your breed

Popular Ideas: Your kids will want to be renamed

Really Cute: Ideas that are awwwwwsome

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