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If you're searching for unique boy puppy names that will match your one of a kind pup perfectly, we suggest you check out our list below. Finding the perfect one out of the hundreds that are available on this site can be a fun project that you and your pooch can share together.

If you have already brought your pooch home you are probably getting him settled in when you realize that one of the most important things you need to do (next to potty training) is find a suitable name. Giving this cute newcomer his own unique one might not be as hard as you think if you should check out the list of unique boy puppy names on this page. At this point, you might be a bit overwhelmed, but if you check out the list and get a little creative, you will have the unique title for your dog in no time.

Our Unique Boy Puppy Names
Suggestions and Lists...

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Camelot: Camelot is a very sensitive pooch that will show you unlimited generosity due to his compassionate nature. A unique pick for the canine that will nurture and steer you back to the good times. Even if you’re not experiencing bad times, it’s still a good choice.

Yorkie puppy looking for playmate

Caesar: Choose this unique boy puppy name for the emperor of the neighborhood. This boy has a creative streak and some unique talents that hardly any other pooch around is good at. A powerful title for the ruler of the home.

Clinton: Give this moniker to the canine with the personality that is hard to pin down. This fellow is very mysterious, elusive and is molded by his surroundings. A cool choice to give your pal if he has leadership abilities, but sometimes strays.

Crusoe: This boy has mastered the art of patience and sympathy. You will have to be gentle with him and don't poke fun or tease and definitely do not reject him harshly because he cannot stand rejection. A unique pick if your buddy has a gentle and good heart.

Genghis: This would work perfectly for a wise dog. Self-control, hard work and paying heed to others’ counsel is what helps to make this big boy such a great companion and counselor. Another fine suggestion for your pal that has the strength of character to take command of any situation.

Leonardo: This unique name would go well for the artistic boy. This pooch may get a little carried away when showing his affections because he has a really big heart. Your pal that takes life seriously and keeps the other pets in line would love to be called by this.

Bandit Cassidy Dudley
Barney Cecil Galileo
Beans Chance Ely
Becker Churchill Fly Boy
Blake Crosby Freddy
Brodie Corbett Hartley
Buckley Dante Horatio
Burton Darwin Mulligan
Cain DiMaggio Monty

Marlboro: This puppy is a born hard-worker and is one of the most calm and persistent dogs and dear companion that you will ever meet. Marlboro is a great title if your buddy is always negotiating with you and the other pets around the house.

Merlin: This boy is a sign of mysticism, mystery and the spiritual unknown. Merlin lives in two worlds, the real world and the spiritual or mystical doggie world where he interprets what he sees into what he wants.

Puppy snoozing

Nelson: This name is perfect for the really big muscular dog with the chiseled features. This rugged boy is really good at sports and is a little headstrong. Great for the canine that is all about ambition and compassion.

Octavius: Choose this for the large intelligent and well balanced dog with a sociable temperament like a collie. This fellow is patient with a gentle personality and is great around kids. A sweet tempered boy that makes a great family pet would love this name. A unique name for a small, domineering breed or personality.

Plato: This unique boy puppy name would work great for your pal that always looks out for his friends with care and generosity and will protect them at all cost. This pooch will spend all day reflecting on the world beyond.

Radio: This talkative male craves harmony in his life and hates any form of conflict. He will fight against anything he believes to be an injustice to him or his family, and it won't be a half-hearted fight either. The chatty pooch with a passion that is reserved for important causes ought to get this title.

Mortimer Pogo Rocky
Mozart Ralphie Ridley
Munchkin Ranger Rigby
Owen Rascal Shelby
Paddy Rasta Sidney
Pal Rebel Starkey
Pharaoh Red Tiny Tim
Picasso Rex Titus
Pluto Riley Weston

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