M-N Female Puppy Names
Cute Girl Names That Start With M Or N

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These M-N female puppy names are offered as a way to show your gal pal how much she means to you. The title you choose not only reflects on your dog’s personality, but it reflects on you and your family. Therefore, you need to view choosing the perfect one for your puppy as an opportunity to demonstrate to everyone just how creative and thoughtful you are. Furthermore, since your pup’s name will be repeated quite often, don’t choose one that you will end up hating or get bored with. So, take your time and find the right M-N female puppy name that will stick.

Our M-N Female Puppy Names
Suggestions and Lists...

Mademoiselle means "My little lady" in French and is suitable for a lady that is just that. This puppy will probably remain single, but will have many suitors. A female that you really care about deserves this name.

Madonna: The Latin for my lady, this choice is perfect for an extremely talented canine. This female will be the most famous at the park. Your blonde colored puppy would appreciate this name, or any color of canine will actually.

Golden Retriever puppies having fun

Marilyn: If you are a fan of the celebrity Marilyn Monroe, then this name would be perfect for a blond canine. No other blonde can hold a candle to the beauty of this girl. A cute choice for the pooch that loves to enjoy the Wind. This girl has stolen your heart.

Marina: Choose this Latin name for your water loving pal. Meaning "Comes from the sea" this pooch is one with the ocean. She is kind, giving and forgiving but only to those who are deserving. This gal will have a watchful eye on you always.

Marla: Always confident, reliable and hardly ever intimidated, Marla knows exactly what she wants. She will go after what she wants until she gets it. A fab choice for the pooch that strives for perfection and is sometimes aggressive.

Midnight: An interesting choice for your pooch if she usually finds it impossible to sleep in the night. This female buddy is as dark as the midnight sky and is quite a beauty to see. Then of course, Twilight might also make a good female name for a dark colored canine.

Mabel Mallory Mercedes
Mabry Manyana Meredith
Macaria Mandy Merriweather
Machi Mandisa Milady
Machiko Mara Millicent
Maci Marcella Mimi
Mackenzie Marcia Minerva
Macaroon Margaret Minion
Macy Margot Minnie
Madelyn Maria Miranda
Madge Meadow Miriam
Madison Mecca Misty
Magdalena Medusa Monica
Maggie Megan Morgan
Mahala Melinda Munchkin
Maya Melissa Myra

Our N-Female Puppy Name Lists...

Nectar: The name of the liquid found in some flowers, this is perfect for your naturally sweet pal. She will intoxicate you with her eyes and feed you a lot of her sweet kisses.

Nevada: This Spanish name means "Snow, or as white as snow" and is ideal for a big white canine. This is also the title of an American state.

Hunting dogs looking for prey

Nikita: Choose this name for the puppy with the rebellious side and is always up to something. This pooch won’t follow the rules and is extremely cool. Wonderful for the female that always fight back!

Nixie: A fine name for the cute pup that is usually of a small stature. This brown haired poochie is Smart but does some ridiculous things at times.

Nugget: Cute, funny, and innocent Nugget is the perfect name to describe your loving pal. You love this pooch just the way she is because she is so darn cute! An excellent choice for a blondish colored pup.

Nymph: A group of nature goddesses normally found in rivers, streams, woods and forests, this pet name is perfect for the puppy that absolutely loves the outdoors. This little creature will always be up and about when you are sleeping.

Nada Nell Nila
Nadia Nellybelle Nipper
Nairobi Nemesis Nitro
Nancy Nemo Noel
Nandita Neola Nola
Nanna Neoma Nomad
Naomi Neon Nova
Napoli Nerida Nu
Narcissa Nibbles Nuala
Narella Nicki Nubbs
Natalia Nikita Nutmeg
Neka Nicola Neutron
Nelda Nifty Nevada
Nelia Nightingale Noodles

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