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In life, we all get to name something, and if what you want are some O-P male puppy names, we have you covered. When you are in the process of finding some titles for your pooch, you can treat the occasion like it is a serious responsibility, a meaningless task, or a chance to express yourself, your creativity or even your sense of humor. In any case, most people rarely realize what power there is in naming their dogs. It is almost like inventing a new word, and even if the sounds and spelling are old, the new label that you give to your pet will have new meaning. Take a look at our list of O-P male puppy names and find one that has special meaning for the pooch you have at home.

Our O-P Male Puppy Names
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Osborn:The name of the divine warrior, this means "bear god" and was later revived in the 19th century. This might be a consideration if you’re a fan of rocker Ozzy Osborn. If that’s the case, the Ozzy might be a good choice as well.

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Oscar: The master of all humans, this canine has full control of the world. Oscar is the coolest dog on the planet and is very very good at science. You can always count on him to make you smile.

Otto: The title of several kings of Germany, Otto means "a prosperous person". A unique choice for the puppy that is so in tune with you even though he can behave so arrogantly at times! In spite of this all, things just keep getting better for you both.

Outlaw: A fine identifier for the puppy that lives outside the law. He uses his own morals, teaching and experience as guidance. This loner dog never had any decent friends growing up, yet he knows more about life than other dogs. He’s a natural rebel.

Oxford: The name of the beautiful town in England, and home to one of the world's greatest universities, this is a fine choice for a really smart puppy. He is the brainiest pet on the block.

O.J. Odie Onyx
Oak Odin Opal
Oakland Odyssey Opaque
Oakley Officer Opossum
Oasis Ohio Orbit
Oats Ole Oregano
Obadiah Oliver Orelle
Oberon Olsen Oren
Obession Owen Oreo
Oblong Olympian Oriel
O’brien Olympus Orion
Ocean Omega Orlando
October Omelet Opie

Our P-Male Puppy Name Lists...

Pablo: The Spanish for small one, Pablo is an excellent name for any small breed. This young male is adventurous, impulsive and spirited. He is full of energy and is a freedom lover.

Palmer: This male is very open to new ideas and will always greet you each day with much enthusiasm. This puppy makes a very good follower because he doesn't like to "take charge".

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Phelan: Meaning "like a wolf", this is ideal for a wolf looking dog. His immense energy makes him aggressive and restless. Occasionally headstrong, hot-tempered, this male is easily offended and capable of holding grudges.

Poseidon: The name of the god of the sea, you'll never meet a dog that loves water more than he does. Once he is near the water, he has all he needs to express himself. A good choice for owners who love the ocean, beach or sailing.

Priam: According to Greek Mythology, this is the title of the last king of Troy. In Sanskrit, Priam means someone's beloved. This male is the father of Hector and Paris. An excellent title for a dog that carries its self well.

Primo: In Italian Primo means "Of the best quality" it also literally means cousin in Spanish. It would make a great title to describe a close dog friend. An excellent choice for any pure-bred male dog.

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