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The first thing for you to do when you bring home your new dog is to find K-L male puppy names to call him! You may choose to go with the traditional pet names, or you can get innovative and find a unique one. To some people naming their new pet is one of the most challenging parts of pet ownership, while for others it is quite simple. By following our list of A-Z male puppy names you will find some interesting ideas to help you get started! You realize that both, you and your dog are going to live with this title for a life time. So, take your time when searching through our list of K-L male puppy names along with their meanings, and maybe you might find the perfect one for your new four-legged pal.

Our K-L Male Puppy Names
Suggestions and Lists...

Kilimanjaro: The name of the huge mountain in Africa that is famous for the height, Kilimanjaro is a title fitting for a really big pooch. Give this identifier to your big guard or watch dog.

Kilroy: Kilroy is ideal for the puppy that is prone to stir up a situation out of nowhere just to keep his vivacious temperament satisfied. He dislikes dull and regular routines and if this is what he is faced with, he'll just create his own drama and excitement. A nice choice for a youthful male pooch with a downy-beard.

Puppy and his kitty pal

Knight: A superb idea for your gentleman like soldier dog that is born and raised in a soldierly manner. This puppy will get the status after training as a page and squire. He is one rank below the baron and one above the general peasants.

Knockout: A unique choice for a canine that always knocks his opponent unconscious, typically ending the squabble. This is a male unique both as a puppy or when fully grown. Although he is high maintenance, he has it all, beauty, brains and spunk.

Knox: Meaning "round-top hill", this identifier is a good one for a puppy that announces himself before entering. Self centered and warm inside, he is all about pride.

Knuckles: A fine name for your big strong pal, like a Rotti or a Bulldog. For this pooch Independence is not just a desire, it is essential to his well being. This male needs to be free or to be on his own and will give anyone a beat down just to get it.

K-9 Kentucky Knockout
Kenai Kerby Knuckles
Kaiser Kermit Kobi
Kali Kevin Koko
Kaplan Kewpie Kool Dude
Kappa Kibbles Korbel
Karloff Kid Kosmic
Karlos Kidder Kudu
Kasem Kiddo Kujo
Kasey Kieffer Kisses
Keanu Kiki Kinko
Keaton Killer King Kong
Keeper Kilo Keno
Kenji King Kennedy

Our L-Male Puppy Name Lists...

Lamar: A cute title to call your cute, smart, well-mannered, and almost perfect pooch. He is near perfection in every possible way and is well known all over the land. The perfect name for your perfect but crazy dog.

Lambert: The German for "The radiant land", this would make a unique choice for the male pooch that is rather too cool for the park. This boy is normally seen sporting quirky beards and hanging around your pink converse trainers. He'll go to any extreme that it blows your mind.

Dog running from the vacuum

Lamont: Scandinavian in origin this means "a lawyer" which makes it ideal for a pooch with good comprehension skills. This dog's persuasiveness will represent you and him well when your friends are around. The jury has just returned, and Lamont is guilty of being one cute puppy!

Lantern: This unique male puppy is perfect for the canine that is so orange, you often wonder if he would glow in the dark. His eyes are so bright that he illuminates the room very well. When the power is out all you need to do is find Lantern.

Luger: The name of one of the most unique and coolest pistols ever made, Luger is a fine name for a dog that is in a higher state of consciousness. An interesting choice for your "side arm" of a pal that performs at his peak. A good title for a German Shepherd.

Luigi: Italian in origin, Luigi means "Famous warrior" and is perfect for a dog that likes adventure, new situation and social events. This friend will always have something exciting in mind for you guys to do. A good moniker for a male that belongs to an Italian family, or one that just loves Italy.

Lad Leo Livingstone
Laddie Leprechaun Loco
Laker Levi Logan
Lambchop Lewis Loki
Lancaster Liebchen London
Lancelot Lightning Lord
Landon Limbo Louis
Langford Link Lotus
Langley Linus Love Bug
Larry Lincoln Lover Boy
Larson Lion Lucky
Lawrence Lionheart Ludwig
Leap Lisbon Luke
Legion Litmus Luther
Leif Little Boy Lyle

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