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Discover all the top Q-R male puppy names right here! Oftentimes it is very hard to find a really good name that starts with Q without encountering some stupid names of some sort. And when it comes to the R dog names, it can get downright ridiculous. However, if you are trying to get some good Q or R naming choices to represent your quick and righteous pet with authentic uniqueness, take the time to visit our list below. So, for the sake of fun, humor and silliness, we present you with our list of Q-R male puppy names that both you and your dog will scratch your heads at.

Our Q-R Male Puppy Names
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Quadrant: This versatile title is for the puppy that is in appropriate context. This male is frank, direct and candid, and makes an enthusiastic and generous friend. A good title for your powerfully built dog like an Irish Setter.

Shar Pei puppies snoozing

Quarterback: The name of the male puppy that is best friends with the lead cheerleader. QB loves to manage, lead, or direct his team of friends. This male pup is the most important person on the field when the family is playing football.

Quibbler: A unique choice for the pooch that loves to shift or run away when he is wrong. This male dog's nature is usually push and not be pushed. There is no little middle ground with this male.

Quiche: A good moniker for a puppy that has a love of eggs and fine foods.

Quick: Quick is a fun choice for a really fast dog. This boy is gifted enough to become a popular athlete or to excel in more popular sporting activities. He can run down any cat in an instant.

Quirky: Choose this identifier for the puppy that has a rebel character, and stands out from the crowd just for the sake of it. A good title for the toy pup that you always scratch in the same place.

Qadir Quartermaster Quigley
Qantas Quartz Quill
Quacker Quasi Quilt
Quad Quasimodo Quimby
Quadmire Quayle Quincy
Quadrangle Queasy Quinley
Quaff Quebec Quint
Quaid Quentin Quip
Quaint Quest Quirk
Quaker Quicken Quixote
Quarantine Quicksand Quiz
Quark Quicksilver Quorum

Our R-Male Puppy Name Lists...

Renegade: Renegade is a good name for your rebel of a puppy. This male has never been afraid to do what's on his mind on any given time of day. Rene is faithless to his principles or party.

Rumble: For the puppy that usually finds himself in some sort of brawl or street fight. This pooch can often be found at rallies with Clobber and Krusher. Rumble has more flash than Gordon and more powers than Austin Powers.

Labs zonked out after playing

Russell: The French for "Red" this is a nice identifier for a reddish dog. He is the most amazing friend that anyone could ever ask for. Russ is a great listener when there's a problem, and he tells you just what he thinks, even if it hurts.

River: This Irish boy puppy just loves to play in the water. He is a very handsome and smart dog that is very friendly to everyone. Although some people might not like him, these are the same people that he does not like either.

Roberto: Roberto is simply an amazing puppy that every dog owner cannot help but like. Not only is it a pleasure to meet a Roberto, but you only get to do so once in your life so consider yourself lucky when you do.

Royce: Meaning a prince, Royce is a fun name for a pooch that loves luxury. This male comes from champion blood lines and has great charm, usually with very beautiful eyes. He is a big fan with the ladies.

Racey Remi Rocker
Racer Remington Rocket
Radar Reno Rocko
Radcliff Repo Rocky
Raider Reuben Rodeo
Raisin Rex Rogaine
Rajah Rhino Rothschild
Raleigh Rhodes Rover
Ralph Richie Rowdy
Rambo Ricochet Ruff
Ranger Ringo Ruffles
Rascal Rin Tin Tin Rufus
Razz Rio Rugrat
Rebel Ripley Runner
Red Ripple Runt
Reebok Ritz Rupert
Reefer Rock Rusty

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