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Nothing is written in stone when it comes to choosing U-V male puppy names. However, it might be helpful for you to bear in mind the following: Always try to match your puppy's new name to his personality his breed, or even his color. Don’t be tempted to give him one that is too 'girlie' just because he's a cute little pooch. Try to choose one that sounds a bit more masculine, and if you are looking for inspiration, always look for any unique traits or characteristics that he might have. For instance, if he loves to dig, Digger would be good, or if he's a German Shepherd, a German title would fit. Your pal will love you regardless of the one given him, but will really appreciate it if you give him a name suited for a male.

Our U-V Male Puppy Names
Suggestions and Lists...

Pomeranian stare down

A cool choice for the puppy that is responsible for the maintenance of your home. This male is sweet and always gets beaten up by his brothers. Cute for your neat and tidy boy.

If your buddy is the center of your family, and does a good job of uniting family members around him, then he’s deserving of this title.

Unity: Meaning "oneness", this male is very funny and easy to get addicted to. This boy is really hilarious and will do anything to please anybody. Peace love and harmony always seems to follow him around.

Udall Ump Update
UFO Umpire Uproar
Ugg Uncle Upshot
Ulrich Undercover Urban
Ultima Underdog Urchin
Ultimate Underwood Uri
Ultra Undo Uriah
Ultrasonic Unger Usher
Ulysses Unicorn Usurper
Uma Union Utah
Umar Unique Utoo?
Umber Untouchable Utopia
Umberto Upbeat Uzi

Our V-Male Puppy Name Lists...

Vegas: This puppy is all about having a good time. This extremely straight edged pooch just graduated from puppyhood and is not looking to go to college, but shows more interest in attending gambling school.

Victor: The Latin for "the one who conquers" Victor is a good choice for a highly intelligent, smooth and mysterious dog. He always looks rough on the outside, but has a good heart that most people just don't know about....Always use caution when you are in his vicinity as he is highly contagious.

Prancing black Poodle

Vincent: An intelligent puppy that can be a little vain at times. He is normally very attractive and has fairly conservative values when it comes to meeting new people. A unique title for a very hardworking and equally stubborn dog. He won't back down from anything.

Vitus: The name of the patron saint of actors and comedians, this is a fun choice for a lively boy. He is normally a good actor when he doesn't want to do things that he doesn't like.

Voodoo: Give this name to your puppy if he practices any strange rituals or behaviors. This male always has a cool and slightly creepy way to get revenge on anyone who did him any wrong.

Vulcan: Are you a fan of Star Trek? Or does your pup have pointed ears like Mr. Spock, or seems to be a bit spacey at times?

Vaccaro Vance Vinnie
Vadim Vancover Vintage
Vagabond Vandal Viper
Vail Vandyke Virga
Valdez Vanish Virgil
Valencia Vanity Virgo
Valentine Velvet Virtue
Valentino Vermouth Visa
Valiant Vernon Vista
Valla Versailles Vogue
Vamp Vertigo Volcano
Van Victory Volt
Van Damme Vidal Voltaire
Van Gogh Viking Voyager

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