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Looking for some cute girl puppy names? We have all the dog names to keep you covered! We know how difficult it is for you to come up with ideas that are both original and cute, that’s why we have created this site to help provide you with some guidance in coming up with the cutest for your baby girl.

Cute Shih Tzu family

In order to help you, we have searched the Internet, books and other publications to come up with our list of cute girl puppy names for you to use. Our list includes funny, unique and even famous ideas which are some of the best choices for dogs out there. We hope you and your pooch will find one that you can both agree on.

Our Cute Girl Puppy Names
Perfect For Your Gal Pal

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Amber: This golden girl needs lots of space and a variety of people in her life, so she will be missed should she disappear. A great name for the cute girl that has learned the secrets of Houdini. 
*Somewhat similar ideas: Autumn, Nugget

Avalon: Choose this cute name for the notoriously curious and erratic puppy that is always looking for her dinner. This little pooch loves to savor tasty treats (don’t all dogs?) and likes to have her coat cut and styled into the very latest outlandish doggie fashion. A fine choice for a trendy pooch. 
*More interesting choices: Diva, Paris

Napping Bulldogs

Brassy: This selection is the ideal pick for a brazen dog. Feisty, independent, and a little impulsive at times, Brassy is the puppy that wants to be the first dog to do everything. A great idea for the girl that wants it her way and right away.

Brianna: A great choice for a great girlfriend! Extremely beautiful and fun to be around, this little lady hates to be kept waiting. A cute pick for that furry princess on four legs.

Echo: Echo is a cute girl puppy name for the energizer bunny variety of dogs. This pooch likes chasing cars and other dogs twice her size, so you have to constantly be chasing after her and calling her name. A cute title for the dog that is in a serious rush to get what she wants.

Eclipse: This cute selection is perfect for the puppy that overshadows the work of all other dogs. Playing fair and helping out other people and dogs if she can is her main objective. A fine idea for the fearless fighter that no other pet can measure up to.

Affinity Autumn Brie
Akira Baby Candy
Alexia Bambi Calamity
Alpine Bandanna Casey
Ambrosia Beauty Cashmere
Amethyst Begonia Cassie
Anastasia Belle Catalina
Angel Betty Cayenne
Aurora Bianca Cha-cha

 Choose this for the female that is just an innocent little pup. With this little pooch, you have to wear her out any chance you can if you want to sit back and enjoy the innocent and mellow dog that she is. A terrific name for the canine that is a delight to have around once she is exhausted.

Karma: Patience might be a virtue, but isn't Karma a fun doggie to have? Although subtlety is not this girl's strong suit, she is still fun to have. A fine pick for the pal that pounces all over you and covers you with licks. She’ll also pounce on any unsuspecting cat if given the chance. 
*Kinda similar ideas: Patience, Psychic, Pouncer

Dogs loving the fall colors

Peaches: Give this cute girl puppy name to the peachy furry friend that you have at home. Peaceful, beautiful, and sweet, this pooch is the equal partner for you to do everything with.

Pearl: Pear is a fine choice for a white colored dog. This little fur ball enjoys going to social events with the beautiful canine élite. A great pick for the puppy that loves peace on earth and a luxury life! 
*More beautiful choices: Gem, Opal, Jade

Velvet: A fantastic title for the girl with a coat so smooth it is almost velvety. This beauty can come in any color, and her main purpose is to charm and compliment you. This little fur ball of love will do everything in her powers just to make you happy.

Venus: Venus is for the puppy that you will always come first with. Named after the Roman Goddess of Love, this dog will share hers with you any chance she gets. 
*Maybe you'll prefer these?: Lover Gurl, Mercury, Neptune, Orbit

Charade Hershey Liberty
Charlotte Jade Mackenzie
Charmer Jasmine Martini
Fancy Java Meatball
Fantasia Juliet Misty
Ginger Kisses Mystic
Giselle Lassie Rain
Goldie Legend Rascal
Heidi Lambchop Reno

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