Big Dog Names
For The Rather Large Breed

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Looking for big dog names? You know, a title that sounds large in order to highlight your pups stature? Well this could be just the place you’re searching for.

Chocolate Lab

When people think of large dogs they frequently think of breeds like the Great Dane or even the Mastiff, but there are many smaller big breeds like the German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, or Siberian Husky. And if you think about it, compared to the Chihuahua, all breeds are big!

This page is dedicated to those owners who want a title that makes their canine pal stand out even more. One that’s unusual enough to be seldom heard for a pooch that has a hard time hiding because of it’s size. And even though you know your pup might be a bit shy, you know that his doggie self esteem will be bolstered by a title that makes him sound even bigger.

This is also an interesting place to find ideas should you own a small breed, as many owners choose a big sounding title for a small pup that thinks it’s a large one. Like the title Brutus for a Chihuahua, or Terminator for a Pomeranian.

Our Big Dog Names For...

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Golden Retrievers napping

Big Males

Not only do large males command attention and respect when they enter a room, their large size can dominate, these ideas will make him loom larger.

Beautiful German Shepherd

Big Females

This pup is only small once, after that, she’ll grow and grow! Not only that, but her food bill and the space she takes up will too. But nonetheless, she's worth every penny!

Rottweiler looking at you

Unique Big Names

This page is good for coming up with large ideas for both genders. Lets face it, large canines are unique, so why not choose a unique title that matches?

Names For Specific Large Breeds

German Shepherds

Golden Retrievers

Great Danes

Labrador Retrievers



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