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If you're experiencing difficulties coming up with popular male dog names that are the perfect fit for your families new four legged family member, then this page can help.

When coming up with popular ideas, it helps to consider canine features like size, coloration, as well as temperament. Yet even with these considerations in mind, sometimes you’ll find that your dog will react positively to a certain name, or you’ll find one that “just fits” him.

Nothing wrong with this of course, but you have to start your naming quest somewhere, so without further delay, here’s some suggestions and lists to start you on your way…

Here's Our Popular Male Dog Names
Suggestions and Lists

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Adventure: Ever since your boy entered your life, your life has been an adventure! If it isn’t one thing it’s another…with him either chasing cats, the mailman or even family members, life is never dull when Adventure is around. 
*Somewhat similar male ideas: Intrigue, Escapade, Venture

Bungee: For the popular male with boundless energy. He goes here…then there…and now back there again. He’s the perfect example of canine elasticity and speed. 
*More zippy choices: Zig Zag, Speedie

German Shepherd running

Curly: A good choice if you’re a fan of the Three Stooges or if your dog has a curly coat, such as a schnauzer, or poodle. A humorous and popular male dog name too for a pup with a very short coat, like a Pit Bull.

Da Vinci: The famous inventor and artist from long ago, this man was a true genius! If your male is intelligent, and he makes no qualms in letting every other dog on the block know about it, then Da Vinci's a good name for da dog.

Einstein: This popular male can figure out everything if given enough time. How to get out the back gate, how to behave for an extra treat, how to harass your cat when you’re not looking.

Groucho: Groucho Marx was one of the funniest comedians of all time. Those bushy eyebrows, dark mustache and even baggy pants were all part of his trade marks. His name might be a good match for a popular male with a funny side or one that has distinctive eyebrows or bushy mustache.

Alfred Duke Kisses
Aries Dusty Lamar
Avalon Edge Mitch
Balboa Festus Maestro
Bigshot Fussy Manley
Conner Groovy Mustang
Crash Hairball Newport
Casino Infinity Nike
Doogie Jalopy Ocelot

Howdy: We once knew a very friendly small pup, that every time it saw you it always had a wagging tail and friendly grin, even if it had never met you before. It looked and acted like a Howdy, and was the perfect popular male dog name for a friendly pup.

Les Paul: Inventor of some of the best guitars known to man, anyone who has any knowledge of his fine instruments has heard of his name. If your male shares your love of music, then this might be a good choice choice. 
*More musical ideas: Les, Paul, LP, Jazz, Be Bopp

Redneck Bulldogs

Largo: This popular puppy name comes from the Florida Keys and is a unique choice for any breed, regardless of size or color. If your pup enjoys a good lounge in the sun, or takes vacations to Florida with the family, then this title is for him.

Peewee: A shoe in dog name for a small breed like a Shih Tzu or a Pomeranian. This popular male dog name will have everyone saying awwwww when they hear this cute title on your little guy.

Rambo: Like a canine mans man, he’ll stand up to anything and won’t back down. He’s a good watchdog and is definitely no gurlie dog. 
*More masculine choices: Stallone, Terminator, Predator, Manly

Tramp: A good name for the popular male dog that has dubious lineage, or perhaps one that enjoys getting dirty and that never met a mud puddle that he didn’t like. 
*More for the canine vagabond: Hobo, Traveler, Drifter

Oren Sir Arthur UFO
Pagoda Skeet Ukita
Patches Slugger Utah
Quibble Tabasco Vibes
Rodeo Tripper Victory
Rawhide Taz Vesper
Seneca Tucker Watson
Shooter Tempo Wags
Savage Tora Tora Yogurt

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