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Looking for cute male dog names for the new canine addition to your family? We have you covered as our list below has some of the coolest and fun choices for your pal. Each of our suggestions is suitable for males and is based on your pup's personality, looks and characteristics. So have fun searching through our list to find the most adorable one to match your dog's personality.

Puppy Romeo

Normally cute male dog names convey feelings and reactions of owners and their pups. A lot of people when looking for cute titles forget that the name that they are choosing for their dogs will be one to last him a lifetime. As a result some owners call their pals things like “Stinky, Redneck and Hee Haw,” which after a while even they themselves aren't too proud to call their pals in public. So, if you do not want to fall into this category, when choosing what to call your pup, although it is supposed to be cute, you should also be comfortable with hearing it called in public.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, when choosing names for males make sure that it’s unique and also adaptable at the same time. This name should also reflect your pup’s emotions, personality and even appearance. Also don't forget also to ask your pal what he things of your choice before making it officially his...he's the one whose going to be called by it for the rest of his life!

Our Cute Male Dog Names
Lists and Suggestions

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Achilles: The cute male dog name is suitable for a pooch that is famed for his bravery. This was also the name of the first Greek warrior. Your faithful protector will be well known around the neighborhood.

Beaufort: The cool sounding title means "A beautiful fortress" in French and would make a fantastic choice for the pure-bred guard dog. This noble male is always ready. 
*More great choices: Beau, Bastion

German Shepherd puppy looking cute

Bentley: Apart from being the name of one of the coolest brands of luxury vehicle, this would make an excellent pick for a pooch. This boy will love to play in the grass meadow, and everyone will love to watch when he passes by.
*Other ideas: Porsche, Carrera

Calder: Meaning "One who dwells near the brook or stream". This cute choice is perfect for any water-loving pup. This male loves to be near flowing water.
*Maybe you'll like better: Fetch, Chase, Rover

Caviar: This wonderful idea is well suited for a free, spirited and laid back boy. This little fur ball will always be around for dinner when fish is being served.

Fable: A wonderful and unique choice for a boy that is always illustrating a moral lesson in your life. He will always be telling tales.
*Even more like this: Parable, Poem, Legend

Alfie Biscuit Fiddles
Alpha Blackjack Fudgy
Amstel Boo Boo Fuzzy
Angel Bouncer Grizzly
Axis Chewbacca Handsome
Baby Cuddles Havoc
Bagel Doodle Houdini
Beamer Echo Ishmael
Bear Espresso Jiffy

 This wonderful pick is well suited for a free, spirited and laid back male. This little pup will always be around for dinner when fish is being served.

Fable: A wonderful and unique idea for a boy that is always illustrating a moral lesson in your life. He will always be telling tales.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Parable, Poem, Legend

Bulldog rear ends

Garnet: This cute idea is fitting for a pooch that was born in the month of January. This male is gentle, kind hearted, sincere and frank. He will always be truthful to you.

Luigi: The Italian for "Famous warrior." This is suitable for your very brave pooch. This can be given to a companion of any size or breed.
*Even more like this: Pizza, Meatball, Tuscany

Paladin: This makes a cute male dog name for a pooch that is a heroic champion and defender. This powerful boy will always fight for a noble cause. A good choice for your guardian.

Prowler: The sneaky boy is always ready to pounce. This would make a good one for a great hunting dog.

Raisin: If your buddy is dark in color, this unique title might just be the perfect one for your black guy. Your boy will always be picked by friends because they believe he is smart and wise.

Romulus: This cute male dog name means "man from Rome." This is ideal for a brave and courageous dog that you have rescued.
*Kinda similar ideas: Remus, Jupiter, Pizza, Meatball

Jinxy Nacho Snoopy
Justice Nibbles Strudel
Killian Pace Sugar
Lager Patches Teddy
Loki Peanut Tippy
Meatball Pepe Woof
Mischief Pickles Woogie
Mojo Pokey Ziggy
Muffin Scooter Zig-Zag

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Dapper Chihuahua puppy

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