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Small Dog, Big Attitude

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If you’re looking for Chihuahua names for this breed that’s one of a kind, then you’ve come to the right place. This pooch is frequently referred to as the little dog with the big dog attitude. Any owner of one of these pups can attest that this is accurate.

Long haired Chihuahua looking at you

Small in size, with the confident strut of Napoleon, with the protective personality of a dog much larger with easy portability, what’s there not to love about this cute pooch?

The pup comes in various coat colors such as white, brindle, chocolate, black and merle, which is normally smooth and is easy to groom. This breeds coat can also be a mixture of colors, as well. The short coat Chihuahuas will need occasional brushing while the long-haired Chihuahuas will need daily brushing. You should also ensure that she receives a bath on a monthly basis, and care should be taken to avoid getting water into her ear canal. Overall, the Chihuahua will be a dedicated, long-lived friend.

Needless to say, this is an interesting canine. So is it any wonder that we’ve written these names for Chihuahuas page dedicated to just this pooch?

Our Chihuahua Names Lists
that are...

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for Males

Make no mistake about it, this puppy rules your household, but only lets you think you’re the one in control. He’s as adorable as can be the way he kind of bounces when he walks, along with his little feet, little ears, little paws yet with a big heart, he deserves something special from this list. 

for Females

Such a lady! She knows how to carry herself well, like a Cinderella on four legs with a lot more fur. She knows she not only rules your house, but also rules your heart. We’ve dedicated this page to Her Highness, offering only the finest Chihuahua dog names available in the Doggie Kingdom. 


Is there a Chihuahua alive that isn’t cute? If there is we certainly haven’t seen one. There’s other terms one could use to describe this breed, but we think that “cute” pretty much sums it up. Look no further than this page if your looking for ideas that match your Chi. 


Websters Dictionary defines the word “unique” as one of a kind, exceptional and irreplaceable. Sounds a lot like your Chi doesn’t it? Sure, you could give your pal an ordinary name, but here you can find name choices that are as unique as your puppy is adorable.


Let's face it, this breed can be not only cute but funny as well. Anyone who owns one can attest to this when seeing them prance around like they own the place. That's why we dedicate this page to their funny side...


Brown is the most popular color for a Chihuahua and so we've rustled up a list of ideas after things that are brownish in color that would work well highlighting your pals coloration. See what we mean here...

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