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Find the best female Chihuahua names for your puppy from our comprehensive selection of female dog names. With this list there’s a good chance of you finding the perfect one for your Chihuahua. You can choose from Chihuahua names that are big just like your pup’s personality or that small title to fit her toy like size! Chihuahuas are elegant, energetic, and beautiful canines. They are alert, observant and often said to have terrier qualities.

Chihuahua brother and sister out on a bike ride

Chihuahuas make good companions and normally demand a lot of attention. They are spunky and courageous by nature, and have a jealous streak. Chihuahuas are quick learners and intelligent. They have beautiful large eyes that show their emotions on their small head. Most Chihuahuas will live peacefully if they grow up around other dogs, but they may be aggressive towards any strange dogs that are around. The female will tend to be less rough and aggressive than the male.

Our Female Chihuahua Names
Suggestions and Lists

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Baby: Does your dog remind you of a sweet, dainty little baby? If she does, it is hard not to call the sweet Chihuahua that has captured your heart Baby. 
*Somewhat similar ideas: Sweet Pea, Munchkin, Cupie

Barbie: Here's a fun female Chihuahua name, especially for the pooch that loves to play dress-up and stay pretty. 
*More cute choices: Diva, Paris Hilton

Bernice: This Greek name means "the bringer of victory" this girl will always triumph in all her battles. She will have a lot of “fight” in her.

Adriana Elenore Gigi
Aura Cierra Guliana
Beatriz Chica Gypsy
Bonita Darla Hilda
Bubbles Diva Honesty
Buttercup Dominga Hope

Bliss: This female dog will bring lots of joy and happiness with her sweet personality. She will be extremely happy. 
*Even more like this: Joy, Sunshine, Happy

Chihuahua puppy posing with flowers

Dora: Meaning “A gift" in Greek, this little dog will have a lot of energy that will fill your life with joy. She will be the "wonderful and fun" that your life was missing.

Jasmine: A fragrant flower, this little female will be as sweet as can be. This will perfectly suit a beautiful Chihuahua female. 
*More great choices: Flower, Tulip, Rose

Juana: Meaning "God's grace" this female will be the perfect combination of graceful and sassy. She will have lots of spunk.

Inez Lily Maria
Jewel Loco Mila
Leticia Lollipop Mini
Lilia Lucy Miranda
Liliana Lulu Muffin
Lioness Manuela Myra

Lolita: Is your Chi a flirt? Is she a master at the come hither look? Then this female Chihuahua name might work. 
*Kinda similar ideas: Flirt, Tease, Temptress

Chihuahua puppy posing for the camera

Ofelia: Like the character from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" this pup will be your perfect little helper.

Pixie: A cute girl name for an impulsive and loveable small female dog. 
*Other great choices: Pee Wee, Tiny, Smidgen

Sapphire: The perfect name for a pup that you think is as precious as the gemstone. She is the perfect gem. 
*Somewhat similar ideas: Jewel, Ruby, Gem

Susana: A striking name that is well suited for a gentle pup. She will be as elegant as a Lily.

Nacho Roxie Tina
Nibbles Rudi Tigress
Peaches Snickers Wavy
Princess Sophie Willow
Ruby Squeak Wonderful
Rowena Sunshine Zesty

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