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Need a little help finding Boxer dog names for your one of a kind pal? We felt that this pooch deserves a special page with ideas that reflect it’s long history as well as it’s unique appearance and the overall coolness of this breed.

Beautiful Boxer striking a pose

Said to have descended from a war dog of the Assyrians called the Molossian, and used throughout history for bull biting, hunting boar, driving cattle and other various working duties, this pup has grown in popularity as an excellent family pet.

The name of this special pup comes from the fact that they like to use their front paws in Boxer-like fashion, combined with their muscular build and smooshed face, leading some to believe they are aggressive. Yet, if properly socialized, that potential evaporates and one is left with a loving family dog. Combine this with their intelligent, easily trainable demeanor, and it’s easy to see why this breed is in the top 10 of the most popular breeds in the dog kingdom.

Naming Tip: A great way to pick the perfect one for your pal is to go thru our pages and choose the top 10 ideas that are yours and your families favorites then run them by your pal. Call him or her by each of them and see how it responds. You'd be surprised how your pup will yawn at some and get excited at others. Once you get it's tail wag of approval then you know you've found the perfect one, one that it loves as well as your family.

Our Boxer Dog Names

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Fast moving Boxer


Let’s face it, your male Boxer has it all…charm and good looks, but is missing one thing, it needs a title that matches these qualities. These male picks are the pick of the litter, no runts here! 

Boxer taking a rest after playing


Dedicated to the ladies, these choices are the personification of four legged femininity. She might like to run around in the mud, and might even be categorized as a tom boy, but in her heart, she’s a lady through and through.

Boxer looking for squirrels

Unique Boxers

Websters Dictionary defines the word “unique” as one of a kind, exclusive, and matchless. If this sounds like a description of your Boxer, then the male and female suggestions on this page might be just what you're looking for…

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