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Looking for some great Scottish dog names for a Scottish breed or maybe you're Scottish yourself? Then this page is for you!

Scottish dogs are good prey chasers with some of the region's most famous breeds being the Golden Retriever, the Scottish Deerhounds, the Border Collie, the Border Terrier and the Scottish Terrier. These titles are suitable for just about any pup, and since there are no set rules as to what you can call your pal, the list of ideas below will help lead you in the right direction.

With our list of Scottish dog names below, your puppy naming process will be great and fun, plus you can use the time to bond with your pet. We hope you enjoy looking through our list of Scottish dog names and that your special new friend in your life will get what he or she deserves.

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Arabel: Meaning "lovable" this would make a cute choice for your cuddly pup. This girl is very sentimental to the point that she can be tenaciously possessive. Your loyal buddy will appreciate this title.

Arabel: Meaning "lovable" this would make a cute pick for your cuddly dog. This girl is very sentimental to the point that she can be tenaciously possessive. Your loyal pal will appreciate this choice.

Golden Retriever loving the snow

Conall: This term means "strong wolf" and would make a cute choice for your strong handsome pooch. This boy will always let only you win a hard-fought battle, even if he is playing pretend.

Gavin: For the boy dog that if he is not the team leader, he will have a fight with whoever is. Gavin always acts first, and then thinks afterwards, which might be too late. A good pick for the pooch that’s a bit reckless.

Grizel: The Scottish form of the German name Griselda, this is perfect for your spirited girl. Meaning "grey battle maid," this girl at her best is confident and decisive, and her overall perspective on life helps to bring out the best in others.

Guinnes: This is another good idea for your Scottish breed. This girl has difficulty seeing beyond the end of her nose, and she will stubbornly pursue a task to completion without deviation not even once.

Jinty: Give this moniker to the self-ordained leader of the pack. This pooch will have the courage and commitment to help you face your fears and overcome them. This pup will be noted for her courage and fearlessness.

Laddie: Meaning little boy, Laddie is a good Scottish dog name for your boy dog. Although this moniker refers to a little boy, you can use this term to show your affection for your pup, plus you will find that there are both young lads and old lads out there. This moniker has an endearing tone to it.

Border Collie loving the springtime

Lyall: This means "shield wolf" and would make a cool choice for a canine with a wolf like appearance. This boy is a majestic, free-spirited animal that can get whatever he wants out of his friends but will never abuse his power.

Maxwell: Max for short this would make a cute pick for your charming pal. This boy is great with kids, but he is stubborn and impervious when it comes to changes that are not of his own making.

Niall: This means champion and would make a good title for your prized dog or your defender. This pooch will stand up for you no matter where you are and will never let danger come your way. Another cool name for a guardian dog.

Scotty: Meaning wanderer, Scotty is a cool choice for the puppy that loves to roam. You will always have trouble finding this boy except at dinnertime, plus you can get more patriotic than this in the naming process. A true Scottish dog deserves this pick.

Tira: Chose this unique puppy name for the dog that has a yearning for peace, balance and harmony in all life. However, it is a pity that this yearning rarely stays for long. A good pick for the girl that learns through her mistakes.

Aberdeen Driscol Hamish
Akira Duff Hansel
Angus Duncan Ivanhoe
Barclay Dundee Macray
Bonnie Elsie Mcduff
Bristol Fergus Mcfadden
Bristow Fia Morton
Brodie Fiddle Muir
Calum Finnigan Nessie
Cameron Flora Nevis
Chisholm Forsythe Paisley
Clyde Fraser Sheena
Colin Glasgow Sherlock
Connolly Graeme Tartan
Croft Granger Tavish
Dowell Gunn Whiskey

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