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If you are looking for unique titles for your buddy, Roman dog names will help you to satisfy this criteria. Roman names are unique, and have a certain royal ring to them. They are also really good fit for dogs and can fit from the most adventurous two-legged pooch to the laid back lofty canine that is stretched out on your couch waiting for his or her next meal, while dreaming of conquering empires.

Choosing a Roman dog name for your pup will help to make your pooch more distinguished and interesting. And since ancient history has left us a large collection of terrific ones to consider, you will have many great options to choose from when selecting a Roman puppy name. So have a look at our list of interesting sounding suggestions and see if you can match one of these awesome ideas to your wonderful pal.

Our Male & Female Roman Dog Names
Suggestions and List

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Apollo: The name of the Roman god that had control over the Sun, Music, Poetry, Prophecy, and Healing, Apollo would make a unique choice for a strong pup. Apollo was also the patron defender of herds and flocks, which makes the name appropriate for a herding dog.

Ruler of the Dog Empire

Bacchus: This is the name of the Roman God of Wine, and this pick would make a cool pick for the canine that loves to drink. It is very unlikely for you to find Bacchus sitting quietly doing nothing, as this boy is very charming and can always be found in the middle of the action.

Bellona: Choose this moniker for the proud female that wants everything on a grand scale. The female bearing this title will share it with the Roman Goddess of War, which means this girl should have some spunk and be high-spirited.

Ceres: Ceres is a very pretty Roman dog name for the canine goddess that loves to roam. This girl thinks in large terms and has very big dreams. The pooch that has this moniker will be blessed with luck, and you will certainly want her on your side.

Cupid: Isn't Cupid a lovable Roman dog name to give your pup? Named after the Roman god of Love, this pooch is a born peacemaker and can be trusted to promote peace and harmony in the house. This makes the choice a unique one for the dog that always tries to avoid conflict.

Flora: Flora is another unique pick for a female. This pooch will love flowers, and everyone likes to be around her. A cool idea for the girl that can have couch potato tendencies.

Hercules: The Roman name of the Greek demigod, Hercules is a good title for the canine that is known for his strength. The pooch that gets this title will be known for his bravery and strength. An interesting choice for a large breed, or a funny pick for a small one.

Three cute puppies watching you

Livia: After the wife of the Roman Emperor Augustus, Livia would make a cute identifier for your pooch. Livia will be proud, possess many queenly attributes, and will always be faithful to her master and family. A unique selection for the girl that is forever poised and dignified.

Neptune: The god of the sea in Roman mythology, Neptune is a strong title for the dog that loves water. This pooch will be very lucky, in fact, his luck will often help him to get what he wants. Competition thrills this boy, and he is often driven by his strong will to win.

Mercury: After the messenger of the gods, Mercury is the perfect moniker for the male that is always on the move. This boy is not the sit-and-wait for type, which means he is unsuitable for a couch potato. A wonderful choice for a toy-breed or vibrant pal.

Nyx: Choose this for your dog after the goddess of the night. Nyx gets excited during a storm or when it is dark. A good choice for your watch dog or a black pup.

Pegasus: The name of the horse with wings according to Roman mythology, Pegasus is usually pictured as white, sometimes with golden wings. This makes this moniker perfect for a big breed pal or for a pooch that is mostly white and has tan markings.

Selene: The Roman goddess of the Moon, Selene is the identifier for the dog that has a beautiful golden coat. This girl will sparkle in the light and will bring illumination into your life.

Spartan: This choice is powerful Roman dog name. This boy will always be in high spirits and can also be overconfident. A nice moniker for the male that rarely gets upset and is very courageous, colorful and charismatic.

Adelpha Elektra Orion
Alexa Eos Pandora
Alexis Hawk Pluto
Andromeda Hera Roma
Athena Hermia Saturn
Aphrodite Io Sophia
Apollonia Janus Theodora
Arcadia Juno Trivia
Artemis Jupiter Venus
Caesar Mars Vesta
Calliope Minerva Vulcan
Calisto Nero Xenia
Diana Nike Zoe
Echo Olympia Zeus

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