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Welcome to our list of Labrador dog names. If you are looking to find the perfect moniker for your pooch, you are in the right place. As below we have put together a list of lab dog names that will serve as a great starting place in your quest for the perfect title for the world's most popular breed. Labradors are a great breed and awesome as pets. These well-balanced, intelligent and affectionate pooches are fun loving and highly energetic.

They're considered to be the ideal choice if you are looking for an all-purpose water dog. Known for their excellent retrieving and swimming skills, Labradors are great at retrieving game and fish. These pups also come in black, yellow or chocolate colors, so whether you are looking for male or female Labrador names, or you are looking for color specific names for your pooch, here are some ideas that will do your pal justice.

Male & Female Labrador Dog Names
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Blackie: Blackie is a cute identifier that is unique for your black lab. This pooch is very helpful, and you have a lot of faith in him. This is a clever pick to add to your list of potential ideas.

Golden Retriever ball balancing act

Blackjack: This canine has some really adorable qualities, which means you can't help but to fall in love with this boy. Blackjack can be a little chewy so be sure to watch out for your shoes!

Daisy: Choose this Labrador dog name for the yellow pup that will love you forever. This well-mannered and graceful pup will always be your baby girl. A cute choice for your fun companion canine.

Forest: Choose this moniker for your free spirited boy that loves to run. This male has a really kind heart and will stand his ground no matter what, but he will expect you to give him lots of big hugs afterwards.

Goldie: This is another unique identifier for your yellow labrador dog. This cute lady is really beautiful and with her beautiful golden color, she will do her best to brighten up your life. Your playful pooch that is good at getting things going will love this pick.

Holly: Choose this moniker for your pal if she brings you lots of luck. Holly is a very charming female puppy, and she can be of any color coat. She is the pooch that will always bring luck and charm to your life, and you can count on her to make you smile.

Java: Like coffee, this title is ideal for your chocolate colored dog. This pup will grow to be a beautiful puppy that is admired and loved by all not just the ladies. Java is a nice identifier for your pal if he acts as if he is hyped up on caffeine.

Marigold: This choice would work perfectly with your attentive and caring girl. This canine will always take care of you, and she will watch over you and your family. The loyal and willing Labrador that will protect and care for her family deserves this title.

Black Lab waiting on you to throw his ball

Pepper: Pepper is a great moniker for the spirited puppy. This Labrador dog name will work well with both sexes and the puppy that has this name will be quite fun and playful. Your cute and good natured pup will love this one.

Rhea: Meaning “strong” or “earthy,” this dog name would be great for a female mother lab. Rhea is a sweet dog with a slightly playful nature, and she will produce some excellent puppies each with their own unique character.

Sinatra: Sinatra is a great choice for your pal if he has music in his soul. This pup will always try to avoid solitude and unglamorous surroundings at all cost. A cute name for your classical pooch.

Sundance: This is another cute name for your yellow labrador. Perfect for both girl and boy Labradors, the pooch bearing this moniker will make a great companion, and he will be real fun to be around. A nice pick for your adventurous pal.

Tootsie: Another cute name for a female Labrador, Tootsie is a great moniker for your chocolate colored pup. This lab puppy will be loved by all, especially the kids and the adult that are kids at heart.

Vanilla: Vanilla is a wonderful Labrador dog name for your sleek, beautiful and stealthy dog. This smart little girl will take great delight in helping you out around the house or when you are in the water. This is an especially apt title for a lovely dog.

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Allie Foxy Noel
Alaska Fudge Noodles
Alou Hayley Old Yeller
Amaretto Hazel Orville
Angel Heather Peanut
Angus Hedda Shelby
Aspen Jazzy Tequila
Autumn Kaboodle Truffles
Beans Kahlua Walker
Blake Kelly Walnut
Blanche Matisse Whiskey
Chiquita Max Whopper
Cuervo Medley Willow
Dallas Nitro Willy
Deli Nibbles Zsa Zsa

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