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Female Golden Retriever names are many, so it should be quite easy for you to find the perfect title for your girl. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Golden Retrievers deserve names that are unique to her and fun for her to enjoy. Here we have created some suggestions, and we hope that this list of female Golden Retriever names will help you to find a really good choice for your puppy or at least gives you a great idea.

Golden Retriever puppy cuties

Bred as gundogs to retrieve shot waterfowls during warm and cold climates Golden Retrievers are an intelligent breed whose versatility makes them great working dogs. They are normally used as search and rescue participant, hunting dogs, sniffing dogs, hearing dog for deaf people and seeing eye dogs for the blind.

Golden Retrievers are gentle, loyal and great with both children and other pets. The breed has soft mouths, dense inner coat that is thick enough to keep them warm during the winter and thin enough to keep them cool during warmer climates. Golden Retrievers possess a great charm which makes them lovable and well-mannered, that’s why we felt they deserved their own female Golden Retriever name page. Like this one.

Our Female Golden Retriever Names
Suggestions and Lists

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Blaze: What better way to pay tribute to your little golden female, than to call her Blaze? All the boys will know she is hot.
*Somewhat similar ideas: Flame, Fire, Flirt, Tease

Bliss: She will give you unconditional love, bring you joy and happiness plus countless kisses.
*More happy ideas: Joy, Happy, Sunshine

Blondie: A wonderful female Golden Retriever name for the pooch with the platinum blond coat. She will be so popular.
*Kinda similar choices: Paris, Marilyn, Harlow

Amber Birdie Candy
April Blanche Carat
Aura Brooke Cashmere
Autumn Brownie Elsa
Bess Bubbles Emerald
Billie Callie Eternity

Harmony: Everything about this female will be perfect, her coat, her eyes and her beautiful voice. You'll just love to hear her sing.
*Somewhat similar: Jazz

Golden Retriever enjoying the summertime

Harvest: This female will always be in season. She will be plump and ripe so don't squeeze too tight.
*More great choices: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Sable: Your female's coat is soft and pure luxury. You will keep this dog very close to your heart.

Saffron: Like the expensive, orange-yellow colored spice, your Golden Retriever will love when you put lace in her long hair.

Facet Gilda Lanolin
Faith Ginger Larva
Flicker Glitter Mahogany
Fluffy Goldie Maize
Fortune Lacey Mango
Gazelle Lambkin Neva

Sage: The Latin word for wise, this Golden Retriever will be intelligent and well informed. She will grow to be a wise old dog.

Sapphire: She will not only have a beautiful soft coat, but the most beautiful and softest eyes you have ever seen. She will be great with your kids.

Golden Retriever puppy litter

Taffy: She will make you as happy as the chewy sweet. She is fun to be around and won’t cause cavities.
*Other sweet choices: Sweetie, Sugar, Tootsie

Tangerine: If she has a reddish-orange coat, this is the Golden Retriever name for her, just like the fruit.
*Somewhat similar picks: Tangelo, Meringue

Tapestry: She will have a rich coat and long unbelievably graceful legs. Your female is soft, cuddly and cute.
*Here's a few others: Lace, Grace

Noelle Pastel Tawny
Nova Peaches Thimble
Nugget Season Thistle
Nuzzle Sepia Whisper
Papaya Sequin Wildfire
Passion Sunshine Willow

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Golden Retriever in the snow

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