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Looking for female German Shepherd names? Why not try our list of great puppy names on this page to find a good and cool pick for your new dog. When coming up with our selected lists and suggestions for the German Shepherd, we tried to supply choices that are better suited for this breed of dogs.

Beautiful white German Shepherd

Keen and fearless, German Shepherds are working dogs that have been around for hundreds of years protecting sheep and other live stocks. The breed has a very distinctive personality and will not hesitate to face danger or even death to protect their families.

Female German Shepherds are protective, very self-confident and more loving to those she lives with than the male counterpart. This might cause her to show a little jealousy to any other pets that you may have at home. She will be calm as an adult and very tolerant of children, especially if she was grown around them when younger. Her nurturing instinct will allow her to only show her teeth and growl instead of engaging in a fight, or to stop anyone or anything from provoking her.

Our Female German Shepherd Names
Suggestions and Lists

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Adele: Meaning noble and kind, this female title is perfect for a German shepherd with a very kind nature.
*Somewhat similar ideas: Noble, Dutchess, Queen

Alambil: From the “Chronicles of Narnia,” this is another female dog name that will suit a girl who is full of energy and contentment.

Callie: This is an excellent choice for the most beautiful female German shepherd. She will be sweeter than any girl whom you have known.

Adelle Emma Ginny
Amelia Fable Greta
Astrid Fraulein Gretchen
Bier Freida Gretel
Cheyenne Frieden Heidi
Delilah Ginger Hope

Elsa: Meaning princess, this is fitting for a girl dog that likes to be treated like royalty.
*Kinda the same: Queen, Princess

German Shepherd sentinals

Emily: A good female name for an industrious dog. She will be sweet but energetic, is there a better combination for a dog?

Frederica: Old German in origin Frederica is perfect for a German shepherd that is a "peaceful ruler".

Hilda: Meaning "Warrior maiden" in German. This girl Shepherd dog will be a great protector and enjoys a good battle.

Huntress Kira Lorelai
Ilsa Kitzel Luna
Isabel Klein Marcie
Jade Koruna Marta
Jetta Lefay Mercedes
Katrina Lieb Medusa

Lala: The Hawaiian equivalent of Lara, Lala will have a fresh, soft, floral scent like a tulip.

Brother and sister German Shepherds

Nissa: The Scandinavian for "A happy little girl". This German Shepherd female will own her keep.
*More great choices: Happy, Joy

Regen: Meaning 'rain' in German, Regen will bestow profuse joy and love to your family.
*More ideas: Storm, Lightning, Bolt

Valda: Meaning "One who governs or rules" this is great for a female dog that keeps everyone in line. A good guard dog will love this name.

Zyra: The perfect female German Shepherd name for a successful dog. You can rely on her generosity.

Mystique Rainier Sheeva
Nastassia Rain Steffi
Paisley Rose Trudi
Patience Sage Ural
Petra Schnell Valhala
Phoebe Schotzie Wilda

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