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This Beagle names page is dedicated to one of the more unique breeds in the doggie kingdom. Hailing from England, the Beagle was a favorite of hunters from Wales to the British Isles to being even rumored to having been around during the time Rome occupied England. The United States didn’t see this pooch on it’s shores till around the 1870s, but none the less, this wonderful dog has been around a long time!

Curious Beagle puppy

Apart from it’s virtues known by hunters for hundreds of years, this pooch has other attributes as well. Known for it’s even temperament, this dog is loved as a devoted family member by those who are lucky enough to own one, and those who do are rewarded by this dogs undying loyalty.

Being affectionate by nature this makes them also suitable to be around young children, as well as being a hardy canine that isn’t prone to many ailments. This pooch is also known to have an independent streak as well as a rather loud howl instead of a bark. To this many owners can attest.

So with all these qualities, is it any wonder why we dedicated a page offering ideas for just this special dog? What you’ll find below are several categories of Beagle puppy names to choose from which will leave you and your pal howling for more.

Male and Female Beagle Names

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Beagle staredown

for Males

Known for their loyalty, as well as their individualistic style, your boy has a mind of his own as we’re sure you’ve discovered. These ideas we felt fit these characteristics best. We hope you agree.

Barking Beagle puppy

for Females

She can be a lady at times, while at others she’ll leave you scratching your head wondering why she does certain things. Overall all though, your girl is a welcome addition to your family, so why not give her a special title?

Multi colored Beagle

for Unique Beagles

Not average choices, not ordinary ones either, but unique suggestions for your Beagle that we felt any male or female of this breed would be proud to wear in public. See what we mean on this page…

Here's Even More Cute Choices For...

Guilty looking Beagle

Boys: Your kids will want to be renamed
Girls: Perfect for your canine queen
One Of A Kind: Ideas seldom heard
Cool Puppies: Other pups wish they were your pal

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