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When coming up with a list of Pitbull names, we tried to take into account not only names that reflected the attributes, characteristics and history of this breed, but names that we felt would actually fit. Let’s face it, names that might work well on a Pomeranian or Chihuahua probably wouldn’t on a Pitbull.

The history of this breed is an interesting one, with it originating around the 18th century, it was extremely popular in England as a fighting and bull baiting dog before they caught on in the states as a herding and cattle catching breed.

Even though they’ve developed a bad rep with many in the public due to a small few who have bred them to fight, they are very loyal and loving as a pet if socialized properly early on. Not to mention, handy to have around should you have a few head of cattle in your backyard!

Here’s Our Pitbull Name Lists

Male Pitbull Dog Names

If you’re the proud owner of a male Pitbull then why settle for an ordinary name, when you can choose from our list of extraordinary ones? If your pup is head over paws above those other breeds, then he deserves a name from this list…

Female Pitbull Dog Names

Dedicated to the fairer gender, these Pit Bull names are suitable for the lady who carries herself with pride and dignity. If your Pit has you wrapped around her finger with her charms, then why not give her a special name?

Unique Pitbull Dog Names

Find names for the Pit that leads instead of follows. Your one of a kind pal means business whether at the dog park, kennel, or even when scoping out other dogs. If you sensed there was something special about your dog from the get-go, then here are unique names we think you’ll like.

Cool Pit Bull Dog Names

There’s something that’s naturally cool about the Pit Bull breed. It could be their muscles, they’re wider than most breeds their size, and rumor has it that they’re mean, which is seldom the case. Maybe it’s all the above which is why we offer these names which we felt were cool.

pitbull pup

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