Dog Names By Color

Names Dedicated To Your Dogs Color

This dog names by color page approaches the fine art of choosing the best dog name from a different angle, and that of giving your pup a name that reflects it’s coloration.

dog names by color

Many owners will choose a name based on their dogs size, like Peanut or Gumball for a small dog, Brutus, or even Magnum for a big one. They’ll even choose a name based upon the dogs personality, like Espresso for a dog that’s a bit high strung, or Jazz for the canine that’s more mellow, or likes that style of music. With all these unique options to choose from, why not consider an additional name category based upon your pups color?

Regardless of the angle from which you choose to name your pup, be cautious not to give your dog a name that might somehow hurt your dog. Names that rhyme with something negative, or that even sounds negative might cause you and your pup to regret that choice later, and it can be confusing to your dog to have to go thru a mid-life name change.

What you’ll find below are different puppy names based upon just this feature. Names after things that are black, brown, white or blond in tone, or theme.

Is your dog proud of it’s beautiful coat color? Then here’s some categories to choose from that will call even more attention to it.

Our Dog Names By Color Lists

Black Dog Names

An excellent place to find names that sound or are black in color. Your dog no doubt stands out because of this distinct shade, and is the envy of all dogs (even cats) on the block, so here’s a few names he/she can flaunt.

Blonde Dog Names

Blondes have more fun! And this is no exception in the dog world. When out for a walk, don’t you take notice of the dog that has blonde hair before you notice one of another color? This is no Clairol job, it’s the real deal.

Brown Dog Names

Help your dog stand out from the pack by giving it a name that few other owners were clever enough to give their own brown dogs. Your dog is special, so doesn’t it deserve a name that’s special too? Sure it does.

White Dog Names

Few dogs possess this unique color (or lack of it) which is what makes this dog so rare. How often does one ever see a dog that’s white? Yet, when you do, it’s a memorable experience. Here are some memorable names to match.

collie pup

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