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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Name

Hundreds of names for dogs can be found on sites like ours, but choosing the right one should be given a lot of prior thought so you don’t find out at a later time that you and you dog regret your choice.

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This page is dedicated to helping you avoid such mistakes, and helping your dog avoid having to go thru a mid-life name change.

It’s been estimated that your pups name will be used over 30,000 times over the course of his lifetime, and that 1 in 5 owners will want to change their dogs name in the first year. That’s a lot on both counts, so here’s a few tips when coming up with names for dogs to keep in mind in advance…

Here's A Few Naming Tips

1. Be careful not to choose a name that sounds like a friends or family members, You might think Sarah is a great name, but your Aunt Sarah might not. If you choose to name your pup after someone you know, be sure to ask them first.

2. Be careful not to name your dog something that rhymes with anything negative, or might cause it to be made fun of. We can see the name “Muscles” on a Pit Bull, but not “Cinderfella”.

3. Keep the name to one or two syllables as it makes it easier and less confusing for your dog when training it.

beagle pups 4. Don’t give a names for dogs that sounds like a training command. The name “Kit” sounds like a good name, but sounds too much like “sit”. The name Joe can sound an awful lot like “no” to your dog.

5. Consider a name that celebrates your dogs origin, color or personality. Coco for a brown dog, Espresso for an energetic one. How about Peanut for a small breed, or Pedro for a Chihuahua whose nationality is from Mexico.

6. Should you name your pup after a current trend, remember that it might not be so popular 10 years from now. Twilight is a popular TV and movie series and would make a good name for a dark colored pup if you’re a fan, but will the series be as popular in 10 years? Disco would have made an interesting dog name around 30 years ago, but today? We don’t think so.

7. As cute as your pup might be today, remember that some breeds grow into big dogs as they mature, so giving your Mastiff the name “Peewee” might fit today, but not as well 3 years from now.

8. Still having difficulty coming up with a name? Think a bit out of the names for dogs box by coming up with names relating to your own interests. Are you a sports fan? How about DiMaggio if you like baseball, or Pele if you like soccer. Like movies or music? How about Harlow, or Gable, or Jazz for a name?

9. Finally, we always recommend that new owners come up with a list of ten of their favorite names for puppies, then ask family members to vote on their top five choices. Once the votes are in, run these names past your dog to see which ones he/she responds best to, and stick with that one.

We know your dog will appreciate your asking it’s opinion, after all, it’s going to be the one hearing it's name 30,000 times!

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