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When creating this puppy names site we had a mission. One that when accomplished, would give owners around the globe creative name ideas that when given a dog, will allow that pup to hold it’s head up high at the dog park, it’s shoulders back when on backyard patrol, and will give it greater confidence when standing up to the neighbors cat.

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How can a site like this better assist the caring owner such as yourself to choose the puppy name that best fits your pal? With so many different ones to choose from, won’t any name do? Well, considering that it’s been estimated that over the course of your dogs lifetime, it’s name will be called, yelled and cooed over 13,000 times, it’s important that the best possible name be chosen the first time.

That’s why when looking for creative names for puppies, we suggest you consider…

  • Your dogs personality. Is it’s energetic?…or laid back? Some breeds are naturally one way or the other, it’s like comparing the polar opposite Chihuahua with the Mastiff. One breeds all over the place while the other takes it’s sweet time getting there.

  • Your pups coloration. If you own a black or brown dog how about a name that compliments it’s color? Maybe a name like Twilight, Kahlua, Coco, or Espresso for a dark colored pup that’s full of energy. It’s been said that blonds have more fun, if your dogs this color why not give it a name after blonds that definitely had more fun, like Marilyn (Monroe) or Paris (Hilton)?

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  • Consider your pals size. A biggish sounding name for a big dog, smallish name for a small one. Like Denali, Yukon, or Sumo for a large dog. Smallish names for smaller breeds can be Peanut, Cookie, or Bon Bon for a sweet, small brown pup.

    Some owners like a humorous twist by giving their small dog a big dog name or big dog a small sounding name.

    So Where Should I Start My Search?

    -We recommend you take a gander first at our Puppy Naming Tips. No dog wants to go thru a mid life name change, so there are interesting tips here you might not have thought about when choosing puppy dog names.

    -Looking for size specific names? our Dog Names By Size page will have just what your looking for. Got a large dog? Or maybe one that’s a cutie pie? Then you’ll find names here that will highlight either size.

    -If your dogs color stands out, you’ll find name suggestions for black, brown, white or blond colored pups on our Dog Names By Color page.

    -If you’re proud of your dogs breed, you'll soon realize that not all names work well on all breeds. Rover over to our Dog Names By Breed page where you’ll find hand picked breed specific names.

    -For unique one of a kind puppy dog names, be sure to take a peek at our Unique Dog Names page. You’ll be happy you did.

    -Perhaps you’re looking for some creative gender specific lists to scan, if so then our Male Dog Names and our Female Dog Names pages will fit the bill for the perfect puppy name for that furry male or female in your life.

    Additional unique puppy name categories can be found as well along the upper left side of this page.

    When you finally come up with a list of suitable names for puppies, be sure to ask your dog which one is it’s favorite, after all it’s the one who’ll be answering to it at least 13,000 times!

    By Richard Livitski, Copyright © 2010-2013 Puppy-Names-Plus.Com

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