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Coming up with original Swiss dog names for your new puppy can be a challenging task. Whether you are looking for a dog name with specific meaning or a name just for fun, below you will find our list of recommended Swiss dog names in alphabetical order with suggestions for you to choose from. You can also use these name ideas to give yourself a bit of inspiration as well. These names make great monikers and will help you to highlight the personality and mannerism of your dog. The names can also fit any dog, from the cutest pup to the most clever or friendly pooch.

swiss dog names There are several dog breeds that originated from Switzerland, which includes breeds like the Greater Swiss Mountain dog, the Bernese mountain dog, and the St. Bernard; all of which are from the working dog group. These dogs are all large dog breeds and are usually very friendly, alert, active and well balanced. If you have hit a bump while looking a name for your dog that will be a great hit among your friends and family, have a look at the list of Swiss names below to find the unique title for your pooch.

Male And Female Swiss Names For Dogs

Basel: The name of a city in Switzerland, Basel would make a cute Swiss dog name. This pooch will have the energy to play all day if you let him, and will happily flop in a warm corner in the evenings for a little rest and relaxation with the rest of the family.

Chriesi: This Swiss term means cherry and is a cute female identifier for the pooch that likes the outdoors, especially in cold weather. Chriesi is normally calm, easygoing, and is very gentle with children as well as other pets. Think of her as the cherry on the ice cream sundae of life.

Didier: Didier is a cute Swiss puppy name for the dog that is clumsy as a puppy and is always causing havoc and hilarity around the house. This pooch is happy to nap in the afternoon sun than romp around in the yard, but as long as the kids are around, he will always make time to play with the kids.

Elf: Choose this title for the boy that loves the snowy weather like a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Meaning eleven in Swiss German, this high-energy pooch will entertain his friends and family for hours, romping, rolling and pulling the kids around on sleds.

Hans: This pooch is a lot like a teenager, in that he will test boundaries to see what he can get away with. This willful and stubborn dog will have little regard for the rules you put in place, which make the name perfect for the independent dog that sometimes listens, and other times does not.

Hingis: Choose this Swiss dog name for the pooch that is fiercely loyal to his family and requires constant companionship to be happy. This pooch will make an alert watchdog and will let everyone in a three-block radius know when a stranger is approaching. A dog like a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog deserves this choice.

Kafi: Meaning coffee in Swiss, Kafi is a cute moniker for the cute girl dog that is protective, alert, bold and really energetic. There’s nothing decaffeinated about Kafi!

Paprika: Paprika is another cute name for your Swiss dog. This girl does not lack energy or vitality, and she can stay in a game longer than almost everyone you know. Now that's a name for the dog with a winning edge.

Ragusa: The name of the popular Swiss chocolate, Ragusa is another cute pick for your sweet girl dog. This brown coat girl is bright, quick-witted and will be the proverbial life of the party.

Rolex: The name of the popular Swiss watch, Rolex is a good name for your expensive dog. This boy will love the finer things in life. Rolex is also very tenacious and strong-willed and likes to get his way.

Schwarz: Meaning black, Schwarz is a good Swiss dog name for your black pooch. This boy always tries to make his endeavors fun not just for himself but for everyone else.

Swiss Miss: An interesting Swiss puppy name for your sensitive, loyal and extremely devoted family companion. This pooch will do just fine around other pets and will be extremely polite to strangers and sometimes think she is a lapdog despite her size.

Wiiss: Wiiss is another name for your white dog. This pooch has a warmth and enthusiasm that just seem to seep from every pore, making this boy dog a pleasure to be around.

     Abele      Donato      Kuno
     Aldo      Eiger      Mai
     Alix      Fabia      Nestle
     Amadeus      Fantasia      Otto
     Amiel      Fellman      Petrus
     Andes      Gamma      Romer
     Bally      Geneva      Rudi
     Berri      Gerber      Siebe
     Bitz      Gohl      Strauss
     Bixel      Heinz      Wager
     Blaise      Herma      Zulle
     Burri      Kaelin      Zoss
     Davos      Katja      Zurich
     Dettwiler      Kibler      Zwicky

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