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You have finally received your little boy puppy and now want to come up with a few good small male dog names for your little pal. You want something that is hip, cool, distinctive and appropriate for your boy's size and temperament. Small puppies are some of the cutest things on the planet, and with our list of names you can be sure to find a nice name for your little guy that will match his character. Although some people prefer to name their dogs something unusual and less common, our list contains several names that have are long-standing classics for small dogs. Some of which are popular, less common but are all, nonetheless, great small names for male dogs.

Small dogs are normally easy to care for. However, some will not like to be around young children, since they are so fragile. They also have the tendency to become "yappy". But regardless of these small dogs are loyal, intelligent and will be one of the best dogs that you can ever have. As they are great companions and are especially good at learning new tricks.

Our Name Lists And Suggestions…

Aldo: A pleasant sounding small male dog name which means "wise one" this name is suitable for a little male dog that is always trying to be a wise guy. This name has been around from the Middle Ages and is the name of the famous cellist Aldo Simoes Parisot.

Alfie: A variant of the name Alfred, Alfie means rose bush. Alfie is an unusual name and was made popular by the 1963 play "Alfie" by Bill Naughton. This makes a wonderful small male dog name for an irresistible pup.

Artie: A good name for a small courageous dog who is always on guard.

chihuahuas Bug or Bugsie: If your dog loves to play with bugs, or he looks like a cute little bug to you, you can call him Bug or Bugsie. He will have endless amounts of energy always walking up and down in the house.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Butterfly, Bee Bee

Half Pint: A term used to call a small person, this term makes a fine small name for male dogs or puppies. He won’t mind being spoiled and will love to snooze and dream too.

Micro: Meaning "extremely small" this name is suitable for a dog that is very small in comparison to other dogs. A good little male dog name for any small breed of pup.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Laptop, Mouse, Smidgen

Ace Chester Frodo
Addison Chico Furbie
Atom Dinky Gizmo
Baby Elf Kibbles
Banjo Elve Milo
Bonsai Elias Mite
Bubbles Elmer Munchkin
Button Feisty Nipper
Carlos Foxy Peanut

More Small Male Dog Names…

Pickles: A cute name for your little buddy. He will be a mischievous little boy, but he won't get you into any unpleasant situation. Pickles was also the name of the black and white dog famous for helping to find the stolen Jules Rimet Trophy in 1966.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Peaches, Plum

dog wedding Shrimp: Although this is the name of the small, usually pinkish edible crustacean, Shrimp makes an excellent name for a small male dog. Like the crustacean, you’ll find that he loves this choice.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Crawdaddy, Catfish, Minnow

Snippet: This small-sounding name is fitting for a small or mischievous dog. Snippet is also a term used in software programming, which makes the name ideal for a dog whose owner is in the computer field.

Snowball: If you want a small male dog name for your cute little pal, this one is great to go with. This little guy will have a soft white coat and will love to play in the snow. There will be nothing wet about this guy, unless it’s his kisses.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Snowflake, Snowy, Snowman

Chip: This name is best suited for a small dog. You can choose this name for your pooch if he is small, or if he always seems to have a fiery attitude. He is energetic, playful but stubborn and has an upbeat or cheerful temperament.

Weeny: An unusual nutty cute name for any great male dog from any small breed. As you will soon find out there is nothing weak and ineffectual about this pup. We’ll bet his mothers name was Teeny.

PeeWee Rags Tiny
Pete Shadow Twitch
Pip Shorty Yogi
Pipsqueak Slim Yoda
Poco Squirt Yo-Yo
Pookie Stumpy Yuppie
Rayburn Tempo Weasel
Radcliff Tiki Wendell
Rafael Tinker ZigZag

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cute yorkie

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