Brown Dog Names

Brownish Names For Brownish Pups

The brown dog names on this page come from a different angle than those on the rest of this site and that’s because these are name suggestions after things that are either brown in coloration, or after things that sound brown.

Did you know that over the course of the average dogs 10-15 year life span, your dogs name will be yelled, cooed and used to call your pup for dinner or to quit chasing the mailman an estimated 30,000 times? That’s a lot! And did you know that an estimated 1 in 5 dog owners will change their dogs name in the first year? That can be confusing to any dog.

That’s why it’s important to make sure when selecting a brown dog name that not only do you choose a good one, but one that doesn’t rhyme with something negative, thus possibly causing the dog to be made fun of, and one that doesn’t sound like a common training command which might confuse your pal.

And since you will be the one calling it over and over it’s important that you find brown names for dogs that you like for your puppy, and one that it likes too. So to help you get started and to get all your creative juices flowing, please browse through our list of names that we think would be perfect for your dog.

Our Brown Dog Name Lists

Male Brown Names

Your pup already stands out as a veritable pillar in the canine community. Proving it’s obedience to your commands, sharing it’s love with whomever comes his way, heck, he’s even courteous to the other dogs at the groomers. So why give this extraordinary dog, an ordinary name?

Female Brown Names

These names were chosen for special dogs like yours. No doubt you and your pal have gone thru a lot of name lists and have yet to find the one that gets the tail wag of approval, but that can change in an instant once you visit this page where we have rustled up a whole bunch of brown names for dogs.

Cool Brown Names

Sure, you could give your dog any ol name, and we’re sure she’ll/he’ll love you just as much regardless of the title you give it, but why not choose a brownish name that transcends the ordinary and vaults itself into the realm of being…cool? Here’s some ideas…

Unique Brown Names

These names are good choices for solid brown dogs, dogs that are mottled brown, or for any colored dog actually. These unique names were the pick of the litter when we chose to offer name ideas after things that are brownish.

Cute Brown Dog Names

We know of no brown dog in existence that isn’t cute. We have though seen brown pups with some pretty un-cute names. Don’t let this happen to your pooch, when so many cute names are available, like the ones on this page…

brown dog names

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