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Looking for unique Pit Bull names for your male or female dog? Whether you are searching for a name for a feisty dog or one for your new puppy, we have some name suggestions that can help you find the right name for your dog.

pit puppy Pit Bulls have a distinctive facial expression when excited. Their ears are normally raised up, and wrinkles are formed on their foreheads. They are also the ultimate super dog due to their athletics. Pits have a short, smooth and glossy coat that is stiff and comes in various colors and patterns. Their coats will need regular grooming with a firm brush, and they should get occasional bathing or shampooing when necessary.

On average, the life span of these dogs is about twelve to fourteen years, and they may experience a few health complications like cataracts, hip-dysplasia and allergies. The breed is not for everyone, especially first time dog owners. As in the wrong hands they can be troublesome. This is because of their strong personality, need for lots of exercise and their aggressive tendencies, which mean that dog aggression can show up at any time. You should also know that they are not the dog park kind of dog as they don't always get along well with other dogs.

Our Name Lists And Suggestions…

Anauel: The name of the Angel of Prosperity, what a perfect unique Pit Bull name for a big buddy that keeps bringing you success. You can choose it for either a boy or girl that you really adore.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Lucky, Happy, Angel

Alize: Meaning "one who charms" the name is suitable for a Pitbull, especially one that loves to keep you happy and laughing. This dog is silly to the point of being ridiculous.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Charm, Giggles, Chuckles

Deluxe: A term meaning “large,” this dog is elegant, and will know what you are thinking and feeling. Your big friend is also a huge addition in your home as she and everyone will snuggle and get along great.

Chase: The perfect unique Pit Bull name for a big friend that loves to play. He'll often have you chasing after him. He won't get into any trouble but will love to play.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Flash, Fetch, Rover

Hanna: A female name meaning flower in Japanese this girl will blossom from puppy hood into a cute laid back dog. This choice usually is a fantastic name for any dog that brings you happiness.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Blossom, Daisy, Lily

Jet: This unique Pit Bull name can be used for any black coated dog. The name is also a good choice for a swift moving dog. A great name for any puppy that has stolen your heart, time and time again.

Abby Rose Hank Luther
Abilene Kamal Marcus
Alabama Kaiser Maximus
Beast Kristel Misty
Belle Kurt Moonshine
Bruiser Leonardo Nietsche
Camille Lover Boy Night Owl
Druid Lucia Nakita
Elijah Luger Odom

More Unique Pit Bull Names…

Juno: From the Roman mythology, this is the name of the Goddess and protector of women. Juno has a kind and gentle behavior and is mentally sound and strong.

Kojak: A good male name suitable for this breed, when I think of the name Kojak, I think of strong and loyal. Great for any elegant big breed dog that has these characteristics.

Machiko: Meaning "Fortunate child this name selection has a sound of intrigue and mystery to it. It is a fine pick for dog that is masculine in nature.

Solider: Being respected and loyal citizens, this unusual Pit Bull name is ideal for a strong dog. Your large companion is a loyal fighter that is industrious, love attention and is gentle to children.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Rebel, Bad Boy

Takara: She is a true treasure and precious thing. Even though this dog is from a large breed that looks fearsome, she is a sweetheart to be around.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Treasure, Jewel

Zulu: The nickname of the cricketer Lance Klusner, another great name for your Pitbull. Your dog has a passionate nature about what he does that is second to none. His scores and your affection for him will just keep on adding up in your heart.

Olga Razor Trudy
Orrin Rhubarb Theo
Orion Rodeo Truman
Oskar Schatzie Traverse
Panther Sofia Vicious
Panzer Spitfire Viper
Primo Suzie Q Vesta
Rain Talley Ho Vulcan
Reni Tillie Wilma

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