Unique Boy Dog Names

Not Average Names, But Unique Ones

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Choosing unique boy dog names for your dog offers a good opportunity for you to be creative and expressive towards your dog. Your dog's name can have a personal meaning to you, or it can be something that you like or is just fun to say. After all you are going to be the one saying it, or yelling it, a lot at the park or when your dog misbehaves.

If you are shooting for names that are more unique, you can even look into a history or mythology book, and you’ll find many good names to choose from. But to help you out somewhat, we have compiled our own list of unique boy dog names for you to try out. Once you have found a suitable name, you can try it out for a few days just to see how much you like it, and of course, don't forget to ask your dog what he thinks!

Our Unique Boy Dog Name lists

Arawn: This unique Welsh name would suit a big dog that loves to roam the countryside. Arawn's personality can range from the timid and shy to the brilliant, friendly and happy. A cool name for the dog that changes like the seasons.

Baron: Baron is a cool and unique boy dog name for the pooch that is happiest when socializing, and at the top of his social strata. This pooch loves loooong walks, and keeps you waiting for half the day sniffing trees.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Duke, Prince, King

Curro: Give this identifier to the smart, cocky and flashy dog. This pooch has a charming and flamboyant personality which tends to draw in all those around him. A cool name for the dog that has a raw unbridled enthusiasm that is unmatched by any other.

Denali: Named after the huge, beautiful national park in Alaska, this name is best suited for the dog that loves the outdoors. It’s a large sounding name, but will work on all breeds.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Alaska, Montana, Sky, Avalanche

Gaucho: This name selection would work great with the pooch that acts like an Argentine cowboy. This over-imaginative boy is always roaming the place and is prone to be a victim of fantasy. A unique name for the wise dog with a philosophical view on life.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Cowboy, Cowpoke, Dude

Guapo: Give this name selection to the very handsome dog that you have in your life. This boy dog has a spirit that is one of charm with an endearing and flamboyant touch to it. Another cool name for the generous and good nature dog.

     Alloise      Gecko      Kingston
     Alpha Male      Gibson      Klepto
     Ambassador      Galileo      Kramer
     Biker      Grande      Lagerfeld
     Brinks      Gumdrop      Landry
     Bruiser      Havoc      Madden
     Chief      Hilton      Midas
     Fandango      Judge      Nibbles

More Unique Boy Puppy Names

Pyro: Pyro is the name for one very hot dog. This boy is often found lying in the sun, near the fireplace or near the bonfires on the beach. A unique name for the dog that loves heat and isn't able to spend a day without it.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Sparky, Flame

Rhett: Inspired from the movie "Gone With The Wind" Rhett is extremely handsome, smooth and confident. A good name for the owner who is looking for a name that is unique but masculine at the same time.

Rhys: Meaning "ardor" in Welsh this name would make a unique identifier for the dog with the nicest personality that anyone could ask for. He is sweet and kind and would do anything for anyone. A cool name for a true and loyal companion.

Rommel: Use this pet name for the dog that shies away from vulgar and offensive behaviors. This boy will cooperate, compromise, and even give up his favorite toy for peace. A great name for the pooch that needs and wants harmony in his life, and will do whatever it takes to have it.

Ryder: This unique boy dog name can be used for the dog that is a tad bit dangerous for his own good as he tends to take risks all the time. Ryder will be open to all kinds of thoughts and gets bored rather easily. A cool name for the dog that is willing to experiment and try new things when he is bored.

Sprout: We see this unique name working with a big tall dog with long legs. This energetic and positive pooch tends to enhance the lives of those around him just for the fun of things. This makes the name perfect for the dog that enjoys being the one that stands out in the crowd.

   Pippin    Sarge    Snuffy
   Pupster     Scamp    Studley
   Prince    Scoot    Sumo
   Roscoe    Scooter    Tartan
   Rush Limbaugh    Scout    Telly
   Rosevelt    Skeet    Tetra
   Rosswell    Skeeter    Uno
   Rushmore    Sneaker    Weasel
   Rutherford    Snicker    Wicket

More Unique Boy Puppy Names

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