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Every dog owner knows that finding unique big dog names for their dogs is very important. If you're planning to get a new puppy and are searching for the best name why not go with something unusual? After all, there are enough busters, Fidos, 'Patches' and Brutus' out in the world already. That is why we have created a list with many great unique names for your new dog, with some of these names it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl once you like it the name will work.

Many dog owners like dogs that are from a big and strong breed. Which means that it is only normal for them to want some names that are unique but can still fit their wonderful breed? Too often, do owners pick unique names for big dogs without putting much thought to it because, they don't think that there are many unique names out there to fit their large friends. But there are, in fact, many great names that will match the size, temperament and strength of most big breed dogs.

Our Names Lists And Suggestions…

Czar: The former title of a royal Russian ruler, this is a great name for any large dog. This choice will show he is a strong leader. Your boy will love the way his unusual and masculine name sounds.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Prince, King

Eleanor: The French for shining this big girl will have a shinny coat. Your big lady friend is compassionate with soulful eyes that you just love to stare into. This name is also associated with a French heiress from the 12th century named Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Fidelity: A word used in America for large financial institutions, this unique big dog name would suit a large girl well. This girl is faithful to her owner and her guarding duties.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Virtue, Faith, Grace

Husky: This makes a great name for a large dog, even if he is not a Husky. This boy is strong, well built and heavier than other dogs. Any well-trained guard dog would appreciate this name.

Jupiter: The name of the supreme God equal to Zeus in Greek mythology and the largest planet in the solar system, this name is suitable for any big breed dog. This boy comes from champion blood lines.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Zeus, Thor, Ises

Kentaro: A name of Japanese origin, Kentaro means "sharp or big boy". This name is suitable for any healthy big breed boy dog. This is also the name of a Japanese football player.

Argus Chief     Ethan
Athos Chomper Garrison
Atlas Clampett Giant
Barbarian Clancy   Godzilla
Beefy Cleveland Goliath
Big Foot Denali Hugo
Butkus Dracula Hulk
Champ Dragon Hurricane
Chewbacca Drake Halley  

More Unique Big Dog Names…

Loki: This is an excellent and unique big dog name for a large male canine that is a little mischievous. This fun and cool sounding name is also the name of the mythical god of mischief and is pronounced "LO-ke”. Your dog will love to hear this name.

Raven: This fantastic name is suitable for a large solid black dog. This dog will always be looking out for you, which may sometimes feel like a supernatural mystic steer.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Eagle, Mystic

Septima: The sweet sounding unique big dog name means "seventh" in Latin. This name is suitable for any big girl dog or puppy from the seventh litter of a large family. She is full of grace and dignity.

Thurston: A great large dog name for the boy dog that is extremely masculine and calm. This selection would signify the strength of your male pal. He is a confident dog that exudes beauty.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Manly, Muscles

Tornado: A super name for the big dog that runs through the house and keeps knocking things over with his big body and furry tail. He isn’t destructive though as this whirlwind or hurricane dog will capture your heart in one big spin.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Tsunami, Hurricane, Storm, Thunder

Zak: This is another great unique boy dog name. This boy is smart, intelligent and will never back down. He is a fierce protector, but also loves to lay in front of the TV.

Hummer Queen Thor
Hunter Rainier Tiger
Huntress Rio Titania
Mopsy Rosa Tito
Mystique Rosabelle Titus
Olga Tai Terminator
Opal Tarvos T-Rex
Outlaw Tethra  Tsunami
Phoebe Thurston Uri

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