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Interesting Names For An Interesting Breed

If you own a Pug and are looking for Pug names that match this breed then were confident that you’ll find a name here that you and your pup will like.

We here at this website have been fortunate enough to have had more than a few encounters with this breed and were left with nothing but favorable impressions. Not only did we find them to be an affectionate dog, but also one that left us laughing on more than one occasion at their antics.

We’re sure that you’ve already noticed many of the same characteristics in your Pug and need us to go no further with our own impressions, yet there are a few facts about this breed that you might find interesting.

Did You Know…

  • That the truest form of this breed began to arise in the 16th century in China? They arrived in other parts of the world thru sailors from the Dutch India Trading Co. that took this breed with them on their worldly voyages.

  • It’s believed that at some point in their evolution they mixed with other small, compact dogs, such as the English Bulldog. Even Pugs get lonely for canine companionship on their long salty trips if you know what we mean.

  • They tend to have minds of their own when it comes to training beyond the basics, as they might exhibit an occasional stubborn streak.

  • They tend to overheat, as their spunkiness at times tends to be greater than their common sense. Hmmm, do Pugs have common sense? Were not sure, but we do know they have spunkiness!

    Here’s Our Pug Name Lists

    Male Names For Pugs

    When you first brought home your Pug you no doubt recognized early on that he was a lovable troublemaker that deserved a name just to suit him. These boy Pug names are not only cute, but offered with this breed in mind.

    Female Names For Pugs

    She captured your heart when you first saw her. Those eyes, her face, that tail! What’s there not to love? We think the icing on an already perfect dog would be the to find a girl Pug name just for her.

    Unique Pug Dog Names

    The definition of the word unique is “one of a kind” and “like no other”. If this sounds like your pooch then the male and female names on this page might be just what your looking for. Rover over here for a look

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