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Cute Names For An Adorable Dog

There are so many great Maltese dog names available that you will have a wonderful and fun time choosing one for your pooch. Maltese dogs are high-spirited and gentle, and their names should be based on their dynamic personalities.

Very intelligent and good at learning tricks, Maltese are a gentle breed that continues to win the hearts of so many even today. Although they are small, the breed is very bold and quick to sound the alarm in case of suspicious noises or intruders. This breed loves to play outdoors, and are classical companion dogs. Over all, this breed is among the gentlest mannered of all small dogs, yet they possess a playfulness that can't be beat.

Our Male And Female Maltese Dog Names…

Angel: This soft and cuddly girl identifier will work perfectly for the dog that loves the comforts of her home. Always watching keenly, this girl will be loved and adored by everyone that meets her.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Cherub, Heavenly

Bunny: This boy Maltese will lure you with his tricks and stunts. Sweet, playful and easygoing, Bunny is a good pooch to have and a really great friend.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Bugs, Furball

Butters: This dog has a bold personality that can blend with any lifestyle. This little cute boy thinks he really is one of the big dogs. There’s nothing margarine-ish about him, as he’s the real deal.

Cricket: This spunky little boy is always looking for trouble. On the other hand, Cricket is dedicated to your every word and darn playful too.

Destiny: This lucky girl and you were destined to be together from day one. This Maltese is a charmer everywhere she goes. Always well-mannered, this girl listens and she will never let you down.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Déjà vu

Fritz: Always in the middle of conversations, Fritz will sometimes disappear to find some hidden treasure. A cool Maltese dog name for the boy that loves to play outdoors.

Harvey: This boy identifier is for the smart and confident pooch. Always standing guard this dog will let you know when all expected guests have arrived.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Harold, Harry, Horatio

     Apollo      Cruiser      Grizzly
     Amigo      Della      Grumps
     Buddy      Damsel      Hot Stuff
     Bijou      Elmo      Jalapeno
     Babbs      Elsa      Kayto
     Beans      Fingers      Kobe
     Capone      Floozy      Lips
     Cupcake      Foxy      Leo

Even More Cute Maltese Names…

KiKi: This lovable girl is always up and about, enjoying the limelight. Exceedingly playful and enjoys clever games, this girl is always having some form of fun with you, other pets, or whatever/whoever is available.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Kaboodle, Kit

Piper: Curious and quick-moving this Maltese is the first one to get to the door. This pooch will scrutinize any stranger before they enter, and once she is comfortable, this girl will show you just how friendly she is.

Snowball: Choose this Maltese dog name for the little cute pup that will remind you of a small snowball. This pooch is fun to have and will always make sure you are entertained.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Blizzard, Frosty, Avalanche

Splenda: As this moniker suggests this name is perfect for a sweet dog that will enjoy the company of others. Splenda can be a bit feisty at times but over all she is 99 percent sweet.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Sugar, Sweetie

Taffy: Once you see this little guardian angel, she will let you know all that has happened. This pooch is graceful and lovable and when it is time for a treat she will stare at you to make you feel sorry for her as she knows how to pull strings to get what she wants.

Tippy: Always getting into trouble this boy dog is sometimes jealous of visitors. Always in the mood to play, Tippy will take over the house during his play sessions.

Whopper: This small boy has a big heart, and he loves to play and guards his territory. A bit nosy at times, but is very alert, and he isn't afraid to investigate any unusual sounds that he hears. A good name for your watch dog.

     Mango      Rollie      Twinkle
     Maui      Ruffles      Tutti
     Misty      Rocko      Tootsie
     Nipsy      Skippy      Whitey
     Ollie      Sky      Whistler
     Peanut      Sunny      Whisper
     Pogo      Sparkles      Waggs
     Pipsqueek      Taz      Zip
     Queen      Tai      Ziggy

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