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Need ideas for male German Shepherd names? This website offers you some of the best German Shepherd names that you will find out there, and we hope you find one that is suitable for your little guy. German Shepherds also called the Alsatians is an intelligent breed of dogs that are versatile, loyal and agile, which make them stand out from the rest. They are a handsome breed with shapely bodies, which make them ideal to perform effectively in a working environment. German Shepherds have a good temperament and reserved nature, which will propel you to win his friendship and trust.

male german shepherd He will have a high learning capability and his loyalty and desire to be close with his family will be high. Your pup will come in various colors with the most popular being a black and tan coat, an all white coat or an all black coat, but regardless of the coat color his nose will always be black. He will look more masculine, especially when you look at his head and his body will have a solid bone structure. His tail will be bushy and long and his physical appearance will look a lot like that of a wolf. He will weigh around 75 to 95 pounds and measures between 20 and 26 inches when he is fully grown.

Over time you will notice that he is extremely wary of strangers and will exhibit very strong protective instincts towards you and your family. He will only bark when it is necessary and can be trained to use his mouth to open doors and carry objects. Another personality trait of your dog is, he will have a keen sense to know what is right or wrong, which helps to make him a good family pet or police dog. He will also be able to sniff out things and will not like to be left alone for long periods.

Our Boy German Shepherd Name Lists…

Amstel: Just like the popular brand of beer, this boy will run free like the river.

Berlin: Meaning "borderline" this name is suitable for a dog whose owner wants to be reminded of his German heritage. Your dog will love this name.

Ciro: This is a great male German Shepherd name for a dog that wants a one of a kind name.

Abelard Caleb Confucius
Abram Carl Cooper
Adrian Carrick Corporal
Barabas Caspar Damian
Barron Charcoal Delmar
Buddy Chester Denver

Falcon: A fun and exciting name for a good herding dog. Just like the bird he will be a genius, when doing his job, whatever it maybe.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Eagle, Hawk, Sparrow

Jessie James: Like the outlaw that fought as a Confederate soldier, this dog will be a good protector.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Wyatt, Billy, Doc, Tucson

Khan: A great male dog name if your German shepherd is a "prince". He will be a loyal ruler and protector.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Knight, Noble, Genghis, Attila

Mack: Meaning "Son of Kenneth", he will fit in perfectly with your family. No one will be able to tell the difference between you guys.

Dusty Fellah Ike
Dutch Flash Jinx
Dylan Flavor Kafka
Eclipse Frisco Krypton
Egan Hombre Meister
Eldon Hummel Munich

Magnus: This name is perfect for a dog that is always with you. He is a peaceful boy.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Magnum, Bullet, Blaze

Ranger: The perfect male German Shepherd name for a dog that loves to roam the forest, he is the forest protector.

Stetson: A laid back, gentle spirit dog, Stetson is great to spend some time with. He will love the outdoors.

Sherlock: Like the fictitious detective from the novels, he will love to search and unlock mysteries.

Whisper:The perfect male German Shepherd name for a strong dog that has a reserved nature. Each time he is with you, he'll be whispering in your ear.

Navigator Saxon Tracker
Otto Schnapps Von Braun
Orlo Shady Widgeon
Ottmar Shotgun Yukon
Ruger Smokey Zack
Sargent Stratos Zeb

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