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You’ve just gotten your new and handsome dog and are looking for some great male Bulldog names for your puppy. In this section, you will find some great names for your bulldog that are often over-looked, which you can consider for your new puppy. We have also included a few names with meanings and suggestions.

mean bulldog For centuries, the bulldog has been one of man's favorite companions. The short nose canines have wrinkled faces with a deep set of eyes and a stout body with thick shoulders. Bulldogs are built low to the ground and are moderate in size, with the average male weighing between 50 to 60 pounds. Although they are strong and look tough and fierce, bulldogs are kind, friendly, and courageous.

This breed is not aggressive and is very patient and kind, especially to children. In fact, the bulldog is thought to be one of the best breeds of dogs for children, because they are known to let children play with them without problems or accidents. Bulldogs are passive in nature and have a great sense of humor. They love attention and affection and will not leave the yard without a human companion.

Names For Male Bulldogs...Ideas & Lists

Einstein: Perfect name for the genius dog that you have at home. He will have more brains than beauty.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Quasar, Nova, Quantum

Nathanael: The Hebrew name which means a gift from God. This boy will continuously prove to be a blessing to you and your family.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Blessing, Grace

MacElroy: This name is of Irish origin and means "son of Elroy." Good name for the pup of a true Irish man.

Ace Bismark Burnell
Ambrose Bongo Buster
Axel Bonkers Butch
Beans Bronson Cash
Benny Bryce      Chad    
Big Boy Buddy      Chance    

Butkus: An adorable name for the dog who is the greatest watch dog with the sternest look on his face. You can tell, he means business!
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Nitschke, Ditka, Kick Buttowski

Bronson: This is a big name for a small dog that is handsome and cutely tough with a huge personality.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Magnum, Killer, Manly

Jimbo: A slang term for James or Jim, this Bulldog will make a true buddy.

Pancho: The Spanish nickname for Frank, he will grow up to become a true revolutionary general.

Charles Duke Justice
Chase Festus Kasey 
Cory Fingers Keaton
Dewayne Garvin Kingston
Dimples Gregg Kip
Donatello Hogan Kirby

Obie: A great male Bulldog name for a calm, quiet and happy dog.

Wally: Meaning "stranger" this bumbling, well-intentioned boy will always be there for you.

Windsor: A male Bulldog name which means "Riverbank of the Windlass". Windsor is true Royalty.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Prince, King

Shayne: Translate to "God is gracious" from its Irish form, your pup will prove to be a true gift from God.

Maestro: This pup will commands respect from all his friends. Why shouldn't he, since he is a master composer.

Landon Marsh Ransom
Lyndon Marshall Rocky
Mafia Max Sedge
Manning Nate Sluggo
Marley     Nibbles Toro
Marlow Orville Walter

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