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Looking for good male Beagle names for your charming and affectionate Beagle? Well look no further as we will help you to find the perfect name for your little pup. Below we have created a list with some great names and meanings for your Beagle as well as a general list of name suggestions.

Bred in England as trail hounds, the Beagle is a sturdy little hound dog which was used to hunt hares and rabbits. Beagle dogs are cute, loving and looks like a small Foxhound. Beagles have a tendency to ignore everything when hunting except for the scent that they are tracking as they are scent hounds. The energetic dogs are intelligent, curious, charming and brave and may get into a bit of trouble when their hound dog instinct kicks in, and they smell an interesting scent.

The sweet loving male Beagles will grow to about 14 to 16 inches tall and weigh about 22 to 25 pounds. Beagles are squarely-built and most dogs will have a tri-color coat, of orange, black and white or red, lemon and white. Greeting everyone with large brown or hazel eyes that are well set apart and a wagging tail; this breed of dog is excellent with children and are sociable with other dogs. However, due to their hunting instincts unless they are grown with other non canine pets like cats, guinea pigs and rabbits, you should always monitor the Beagle with other pets. Beagles can also adapt quite quickly and will do well traveling, thanks to their valiant nature.

Our Male Beagle Name Ideas & Lists...

Bodie: This dog will make a good leader and will always be one step ahead of you. Bodie is also good name for a trail hound leader.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Tuscon, Montana, Denver

Brodie: A cute name choice for your pup. Your Beagle will love this name, especially if he is Scottish.

Chase: Is there a better boy Beagle name for your little hound dog than Chase? All you rabbits better look out!
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Fetch

Abraham Atlas Bijou
Ace Augustus Blaze
Admiral Badger Bloke
Alfalfa Barnaby Blu
Aristocrat Barney Bo
Asia Beckett Bosco

Gunner: This is a very popular name for hunting dogs and will make a great name for your fearless pack leader.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Remington, Bullet, Magnum

Kahlua: A popular brown colored drink that comes from Hawaii, this cool sounding male Beagle name would be a good fit on any brown colored pup.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Tequila, Whiskey

Lieb:If your dog is kind, nice and brave, Lieb makes a good male Beagle name as it means a lot of positive things in German.

Lucky: If you believe that your dog is in possession of good luck, there is no better name for him. This hound will lead you straight to that interesting scent.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Charm, Happy

Boston Chief Felix
Boswell Chuck Fritz
Bourbon Danny Boy Gilbert
Brewsky Dickens Gus
Bruin Dijon Hoover
Budweiser Dudley Howler

Sadiq: If you want a name that none of the dogs that you know will have Sadiq is an interesting pick. This Beagle will be a great friend to have.

Schatzie: This is an excellent name for a dog with a square built like the Beagle. This is also a unique name for a male pup that is a total sweetie.

Sebastian: The Latin for much revered, Sebastian will have a big heart and love to play fetch. A dignified sounding name for your regal pal.

Tetsuo: The Japanese expression for Iron Husband, this pup will be a great protector. This also makes a great boy Beagle name for a pet whose owner is Japanese.

Tovi: A mail name of Hebrew origins, Tovi is a cool and fitting name for a good trail hound.

Jalopy Newman Stewart
Kirby Professor T-Bone
Marble Ranger Tiger
Maxwell Scamper Todd
McRuff Shooter Trapper
Mr. Rocko Sid Wendell

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