Small Female Dog Names

Little Names For Little Ladies

If you are looking for small female dog names that reflects your little female dog's beauty, grace and miniature size, we have the right names for you. Coming up with the right name for your puppy can be a daunting task. However, with our help you will be able to choose the right dog name for your tiny friend.

Since every name isn't necessarily the right fit for small dogs, the one chosen for your pup should be as customized to her as her looks, size and breed. The thing is, each dog no matter how small has her own individuality and personality, some of these traits are even apparent from an early age. This is usually one of the best indicators to use when choosing small names for female dogs. Some small girl dogs will have a big and fiery attitude, sometimes exhibiting a bit of stubbornness, while others will be nice and charming. Therefore, the name chosen should be tailored to fit her uniqueness.

Our Name Lists And Suggestions…

Binkie: A logical name for your lovable dog that has a cute winking behavior. This name also brings forth a sense of naiveté and innocence and is great for your small puppy. So soft and cuddly, Blinkie is great to sleep with at bedtime, she’s like a canine security blanket.

Bonbon: Meaning "good, good" in French, this name is fitting for an extremely sweet pooch. Any sweet brown or chocolate coat girl would adore this name.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Coco, Sugar, Sweetie Pie

BumbleBee: A sweet, small female dog name that’s for the cute little dog that buzzes around the house. This dog has a mix colored coat of black and yellow or tan. She is a social and curious little bee.

Kenzie: A cute and cool sounding name for a little dog. The name is Gaelic and means "fair one" thereby making it suitable for a light colored dog. This is one pretty and strong girl who is enthusiastic about life.

Peaches: This name makes a good name for a pooch that has a peachy complexion or temperament. Apart from being a variant of the fruit and implying sweetness, Peaches is the name of a character from the show Rocko's Modern Life.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Plum, Cherry, Honeydew

Angel Candy Diva
Apple Chica Dixie
Baby Cookie Fifi 
Bambi Cupcake Frisky
Bee-bee Cuddles Fuddles
Biscuit Cupcake Glitter
Boo Boo     Cutie Pie     Happy
Bubbles Dee-dee      Jellybean     
Buttercup Didi Iota

More Small Female Dog Names…

Penny: A girl pet name for a little dog, this name won't suggest she is cheap. She is a silent worker, but has a really bubbly personality.

Rose-Bud: A really sweet name for your little hip puppy. This little girl will love to play in your garden of white or pink flowers. She has a real sweet spirit.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Lily, Flower, Tulip

Teensy: A slang term meaning small, this is another great small sounding name for your puppy. Even though she is small this dog demands attention and needs no help with her barking.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Tiny, Twinkie, Twiddle

Tootsie: A cute small female dog name for a nice young girl. She's the kind of dog that carries much power. This girl will enjoy her unique name.

Tinkerbelle: This dog is tiny, graceful and delicate. When she is around magic will happen. This little female dog name will fit any small breed of dog perfectly.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Fairy, Magic

Tinsel: Tinsel makes a lovely name for a female dog that you got in Christmas! This pretty girl will have a coat that glisten and love to be groomed and pampered.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Twinkle, Magic

Thumbelina: The name of the tiny girl who was rescued by a swallow, this name makes a great name for a small dog from any breed. She is one resourceful puppy that will always end up triumphant.

Laptop Pinkie Smidgen
Lucy Pixie Sugar
Maggie Precious Sweetie-Pie
Mini Pretzel Taffy
Mitzi Princess Trixie
Muffin Prissy Truffles
Peanut Pudding Tweetie
Pebbles Puddles Zip
Petal Puffy Zoe

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