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When shopping for popular female dog names, you’ve no doubt come across lists of popular names for female dogs on other websites that left both you and your pup scratching your heads in wonderment. How could any webmaster in their right minds think THAT name would make a good name choice for a dog?

We wonder that too when perusing other dog name websites, realizing that the webmaster of that site probably never owned a dog, or worse yet, just threw up a bunch of names hoping owners like you would find that page and maybe buy something off their site.

Well, on this site we realize that not everyone will like certain names we offer, but we also realize you don’t want to waste your time reading crummy names either. So we at least put a bit of effort behind our suggestions and name lists and even interject a bit of occasional humor to boot! We hope you’ll agree. So here’s some popular female dog names for your consideration.

Popular Female Name Suggestions…

Amore: For the dog with lots of love to share, as this word means “love” in Italian. If your girl loves to give and get kisses, then why not give her a name that reflects this?
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Sweetie, Sugar, Dumpling, Desire.

Bernadette: This dog name means someone with a lot of bravery. An excellent name for a rescue or guard dog that has gotten past some tough times, but still has a fighting spirit.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Valiant, Courageous.

bubble dog Bubbles: A good name for a dog that loves the water, bath time or both. Good for water loving breeds like Poodles, Newfoundlands or Labrador Retrievers.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Soapy, Suds.

Choo-Choo: This dog not only has a lot of locomotion, but also a cute little caboose. Good for a higher energy pup, especially so on a smaller breed.

Deedee: Short for Deidre and can also be used as a stand-alone name. This popular female dog name can be used on any breed, color or size of dog. A good name for a dog with a good personality.

Eureka: This name is defined as a way to express triumph or excitement. It is often associated with the gold mining days of California with the phrase “Eureka! I’ve found it!” when gold was discovered. Thus making it a good name choice for a Golden Lab or any breed with a golden coloration.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Sunshine, Goldie, Nugget.

Basil Fiji Jade
Button Fang Justine
Cuddles Fats Krista
China Ganja Lips
Dijon Glory Lulu
December Hilarious Lexus
Essence Hilton Meatball
Emilee Hobbit Mandy
Excess India Mankiller

More Name Ideas To Choose From...

Faith: This popular female dog name reflects loyalty and steadfastness. She will give you all faith in the world that she will always be there for you as you spend your lives together.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Constance, Trusty.

Gabby: This pup talks so much that she has her own phone plan with unlimited minutes. Always something to say, whether it’s barking, yelping, cooing or growling, she’s a girl that wants to be heard.

happy dog Happy: A popular name choice especially so with children, because they are so happy when they bring home a new dog, and the dog itself is happy because not only has it found a home, but it has a new playmate as energetic as she is. Once potty training is learned, everybody will be happy!

Jinx: A popular female dog name that‘s sometimes associated with bad luck, any dog will feel lucky to be a member your household when she knows about all the lovin, huggin, and attention she’ll get.
*Somewhat similar name ideas: Lucky, Bugaboo.

Lark: This verb meaning of “playing boisterously” is a great female dog name for an energetic dog that seems to have ceaseless amounts of energy. Do you love birds? Then you’ll love hearing your Lark sing with excitement when she see’s you coming thru the door at the end of the day.

Minnie Pearl: A female country comedian that is well known by the price tag she never removed from her hat. Having been the subject of comedy satire for years, you might want to consider her name as a choice for your pooch. Heck, even Minnie, or Pearl might make a good name.

Mustang Quickie Toffee
Nevada Quasi Toodleoo
Nipper Rhino Utopia
Noela Rikki Vanilla
Onyx Surge Whopper
Oprah Suzette Xolana
Peyote Solace Yonder
Phyllis Serenade Zodiac
Putt-Putt Taj Zion

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