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Unique Names For A Beautiful Breed

If you’re on a quest to find the perfect Poodle names then you’ve come to the right place.

No doubt you already know about what a great breed this is as well as it’s many virtues which are too numerous to count. But did you also know about the following?

  • That the name Poodle originates from the German word “pudel” which means “to splash around in the water” which is no surprise as they were bred originally to be a water retriever.

  • They don’t shed and are thus hypoallergenic.

  • They've been raised to be circus performers as well as hunters of truffles, a mushroom delicacy. Proving that this is a breed not to be truffled with!

  • They’re considered to be one of the most intelligent of breeds (the Border Collie is #1) which makes them easy to train.

  • It’s poofy haircut that’s seen on show poodles was originated by hunters which was designed to allow the dog to swim freely while keeping it’s joints warm as well as major organs. We don’t know this to be a fact, but wonder if the Poodle might not have been the inspiration for the poofy bouffant hairdo which came out around the era of the Poodle dress in the 60's. Hmmm

    So what is there not to love about them? Nothing that we know of, that’s why the name categories below are dedicated just to them.

    Our Poodle Name Lists…

    Male Names For Poodles

    The male names on this list are those that we felt would actually work well on a Poodle. Are certain names better for this breed than others? You might not think so, but we think there are. Visit this page to see what we mean.

    Female Names For Poodles

    Is your girl unique? We’ll bet she is, that’s why these special names for the ladies are hand chosen for their one of a kindness. If your Poodle deserves the best, then start with a great name.

    French Poodle Names

    A very popular breed indeed…with it’s smarts, charm, good looks as well as a classy breed title it’s no wonder so many owners are proud to sport this dog at the end of their leash when out on a walk.

    Even More Names For Poodles


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